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Training and professional development

For organizations, JAMF Software certification courses are designed to increase your IT team's proficiency in the Casper Suite and Apple platform. For OS X and iOS administrators, these in-depth, hands-on courses will provide you with ideas and solutions for the many IT management challenges you face every day.

Certified Casper Technician

Certified Casper Technician (CCT)

For new and existing IT professionals managing Apple devices, the CCT course offers a core understanding of the Casper Suite, as well as an enterprise-focused examination of the OS X and iOS platforms through a hands-on, example-based environment.

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Certified Casper Administrator

Certified Casper Administrator (CCA)

For Certified Casper Technicians, the CCA course builds on the IT professional’s knowledge of the Casper Suite for the management of Apple devices through a workflow and scenario-based examination of the OS X and iOS platforms.

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Certified Casper Expert Training Course

Certified Casper Expert (CCE)

For Certified Casper Administrators, the CCE strengthens and expands the IT professional’s skill set with the Casper Suite and the OS X and iOS platforms through hands-on, challenge-based learning and peer review.

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Training Passes provide an organization with a flexible, cost-conscious way to train and certify your IT staff in the Casper Suite. The Training Pass is a yearly subscription that allows your organization to easily register staff members for courses offered by JAMF Software with a single purchase.

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Certified JSS Administrator Training Course

Certified JSS Administrator (CJA)

For enterprise server administrators, the CJA examines the aspects of installing, configuring, and maintaining the JAMF Software Server (JSS) in complex environments on OS X, Windows, and Linux through a workflow-based environment.

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JAMF U - Private Class

Private Class

For an organization looking to train a group of IT professionals in an on-premise delivery of a JAMF Software course.

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Apple Authorized Training Center

Authorized Training Center

We are the only MDM solution provider authorized to offer certified Apple training. We can train you on 101: OS X Support Essentials, 201: OS X Server Essentials, and conduct any of the Apple OS X, Pro Apps, or iWork exams.

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