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Altiris Plug-In

The Altiris Plug-In is a framework that allows you to use the Casper Suite to manage your Apple devices, while leveraging your existing Altiris Client Management Suite infrastructure for Windows management. By using specialized platform-specific solutions, your IT team will have the comprehensive tools needed to provide the full breadth of secure and seamless multi-platform management support that the users in your organization expect.

When it comes time to report on the devices in your organization, the Altiris Plug-In syncs all your organization's valuable software and hardware inventory data into Altiris Client Management Suite. You'll be able to gather inventory and report on all your assets–regardless of platform–through one central view in Altiris.

Altiris Plug-In 3.0 Demo

Altiris Plug-In features

  • Export computers and mobile devices from the Casper Suite's JAMF Software Server (JSS) to Altiris Client Management Suite
  • Export hardware and software inventory data
  • Export inventory data in real time (as soon as a device's inventory is updated in the JSS)

Altiris Plug-In FAQ

What is Altiris Client Management Suite?
Altiris is a subsidiary of Symantec, providing management software for organizations to manage their IT assets. The Altiris Client Management Suite provides standardized control for distributed, heterogeneous client environments.

Is a Casper Suite license required to use the Altiris Plug-In?
Yes. Licenses for the Casper Suite are priced separately.

How can I purchase the Altiris Plug-In?
You can purchase the Altiris Plug-In through our store or by contacting your JAMF Software Account Manager. If you are not currently a customer, please call us at (612) 677-7075 or email for more information.


You can purchase the Altiris Plug-In in our store, or by contacting your JAMF Software Account Manager. If you are not currently a customer, please call us at (612) 677-7075 or email for more information.