Self Service: Freedom for users, control for IT

Casper Suite Self Service offers users the ability to install apps, update software, and setup and configure their own device without delay or disruption.

IT retains control of security configurations and defines the options that are available to each user. This helps reduce the number of routine IT support requests and preserve user autonomy. Freedom for users, control for IT. The way it was meant to be.

Self Service for Mac
Self Service for Mac
Self Service for iPad
Self Service for iPad

Publish your internal app store: apps, settings, content

Casper Suite Self Service is your internal app store, where you can publish apps, content, and settings for on-demand access.

  • Help your users discover and install the apps they need to be successful with a curated list of enterprise or App Store apps.
  • Publish content for fast, on-demand access and protect both personal and corporate data.
  • Make it easy for users to set up their device with VPN, secure Wi-Fi, and other device settings. 

Mobile content management with a native Apple experience

With Casper Suite Self Service, you can protect sensitive information without diminishing the native Apple user experience. IT can publish content to mobile users or groups, keep that data secure, and retain full control with a corporate-wipe option.

There’s no need to set up a separate data container and users get the same app experience they’re familiar with. Casper Suite and Apple iOS work together to make mobile content management simple.

Tier Zero support: The ticket to fewer help desk tickets

Casper Suite Self Service replaces routine help desk tickets with on-demand actions. Users can install software and updates, apply system configurations, and run self-help maintenance tasks, all without picking up the phone or submitting a help desk ticket.

IT remains in control by defining what’s available to each user and logging the Self Service actions. Admins can spend more time on the strategic projects and less time on mundane tasks.

IT can push—and users can receive—notifications

Self Service - Featured

Users can install apps, content, and settings specific to their organization, department, or role

Self Service - Settings

Users can set up email, contacts, calendars, Wi-Fi, and VPN

Self Service - Search

Users can search by category in a simple user interface


The common portal for web-based services

Casper Suite Self Service serves as a common portal for all the web-based services used by your organization. No more updating bookmark files or internal reference lists. Make Self Service a one-stop-shop for software, updates, content, and web services.

Leverage the power of Apple Notifications

Put the Apple notification center to work with Casper Suite Self Service. Notify users of new software or content available to them, or inform users of new IT services or changes to policy. By using the native Apple notifications framework, communication is simplified and actionable.

With the Casper Suite’s Self Service app:

Casper Suite's Self Service app