Deployment and provisioning. Deploy Mac, iPad, and iPhone faster than anyone.

Deployment and provisioning. Deploy Macs, iPads, and iPhones faster than anyone.

With the Casper Suite in place, you have all the tools at your fingertips to build the perfect Mac, iPad, or iPhone for your end users. For Mac, create configurations that include consistent OS builds, software packages, printers and pre- and post-imaging tasks that can set up new machines in minutes. For iPad or iPhone, use the Casper Suite to enroll devices into management, distribute apps and content, set up security, and access profiles: all over-the-air. Whether you want to fully provision your devices in IT or allow your end users to build their own computing environment with approved resources, the Casper Suite can make it simple and sustainable.

End-user provisioning: build the Mac they want, when they want it.

Usually, a new computer means some "quality time" between IT and the end user to get the new machine up and running. With self-provisioning, IT can provide a new Mac in a box to the end user with simple instructions for enrolling to bringing it under management with the Casper Suite. Once enrollment is complete, a whole world of software, content, and services is available to the end users via the Casper Suite's Self Service. This allows them to build the Mac they want. No lengthy sessions setting up email and printers. No time spent cleaning up the standard issue computers for custom styles and needs. End users and IT interact through Self Service, with IT setting up available resources and end users pulling them down. If you miss each other, we recommend lunch to get caught up instead. Learn more.

Software, content, and services is available to the end users via the Casper Suite's Self Service
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    Install any application, from any vendor, via Self Service.

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    Distribute Apple App Store Apps.

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    Update Apple App Store Apps.

Self Service: Mac
Software, content, and services are available to the end users via the Casper Suite's Self Service

Integration with VPP codes for simple Mac App Store redemption.

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    Seamless integration with apps from Mac App Store.

App Store apps
Casper Suite is a one-stop-shop for software, updates, troubleshooting tasks, and content for Macs, iPads, and iPhones
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    Publish iBookstore books in your catalog and tie in with VPP code management for easy user transactions.

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    Publish self-published eBooks created at your school or business to your internal catalog for users.

Self Service: iPad

Touchless enrollment. Simple device setup for the IT admin and the end user.

iPad and iPhone are amazing devices that can be bent to many purposes, from educational hubs to professional business companions, managing email, calendars, and apps on the go. IT's goal remains the same no matter the purpose: to provide the tools the end users need, secure the organization's data, and maximize the impact of the hardware investment. Integrating with Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP), automatic MDM enrollment and provisioning allows IT to set up a management framework that is customized for each group of users. When a user is administered a brand new device, they walk through the setup process and all the configured settings and content will be put in place. Enrolling devices quickly and easily ensures that end users have access to services like Wi-Fi, email, apps, and content, while keeping your network and data secure. And the best part? IT doesn’t have to touch a single box. Now that's amazing. Quick, convenient, and secure—the Casper Suite makes MDM enrollment a no-brainer, not a project. Learn more.

Touchless enrollment - end user setup

Simplified device setup, making the end-user experience remarkable.

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    Power on new device, straight from the box

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    Walk through familiar Apple device setup

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    Settings, apps, and content are automatically put in place through the Casper Suite's PreStage enrollment options

End-user setup
Automatically re-enroll devices

Automatically re-enroll devices, making troubleshooting as simple as a 'reset'.

Automatically re-enroll devices
Over-the-air supervision and MDM profile removal restrictions

Easily configure and customize the setup experience for users, as well as ensure devices are enrolled in the JSS

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    Over-the-air supervision for simple, efficient device deployment.

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    Ensure devices stay secure by restricting the removal of MDM profiles.

Easily customize device settings

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Thin imaging:

meet the hybrid of imaging. Light, fast, and strong.

The concept of thin imaging is defined and implemented by IT professionals in several different ways. In general, we use the term to refer to a lighter weight, initial image deployed by IT to new machines, typically right on top of the factory-installed OS. This lightweight image allows for faster deployment times—with fewer components baked in to and maintained in the base image—while preserving consistent standards across the Mac. With the Casper Suite, you are able to deploy a thin image to a Mac before delivering it to the end user. After the machine is deployed, you have the option of customizing the computer for the end user via policy-based distribution of software and settings, or via user-initiated changes through Self Service. The Casper Suite's flexible, modular approach to imaging allows you to define and implement the version of thin imaging that works for your organization.  Learn more.

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Bare-metal installation:

images from scratch. Fast, automated, and consistent.

All kinds of things go into the OS out of the box. Users may be asked to sign up for services, go through tutorials, set up accounts, along with a myriad of other tasks. IT can take the guesswork out of imaging by building up a new Mac from bare metal through the Casper Suite's full imaging solution. The components in the suite allow you to make custom OS and software packages, capture printer installations, deploy custom scripts, bind to directory services, and more. All of these imaging modules are stored once for consistency and minimum storage requirements, and then can be mixed and matched to create configurations for each group of end users. Once the configurations are composed, they can be deployed to a new or existing Mac using several distribution methods, depending on your needs. If you want to truly build your own Mac, this is the way to go. The Casper Suite is the only commercially supported toolset that allows you to perform true bare-metal imaging on Mac from the ground up. Learn more.

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Target Mode Imaging:

Thunderbolt imaging is lightning fast.

For years the Casper Suite has been the premier solution for imaging Mac, using either Ethernet-wired or wireless connections. When Apple introduced Thunderbolt ports to Mac in 2011, Casper Suite developers recognized the opportunity to make imaging even faster using Target Mode Imaging. The throughputs on the Thunderbolt I/O technology makes moving your images to your target machines 12-20 times faster than other connections. We've timed it—and we haven't been this excited about imaging in a long time. Learn more.