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The Casper Suite: 13 years with Apple in the enterprise.

More organizations are using Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV than ever before. At JAMF Software, connecting the Apple user experience with IT requirements has been our business for the last decade. Using the Casper Suite for endpoint management, IT can support an extraordinary Apple experience for the end user while meeting or exceeding organization goals and requirements.

Whether you work at a school, business, or government agency, the Casper Suite has been developed to meet your needs—because it's supported by Apple specialists for the enterprise. We understand the potential of Apple in the enterprise and how to help you get where you want to be.

To begin your journey, take the first step: learn how the Casper Suite can transform Apple management in your organization. Then engage with us to help every step of the way.

Deployment and provisioning

Deploy custom, current, and consistent devices. Fast.

The Casper Suite includes all of the tools to build packages, configuration profiles, and other components that go into creating a secure, ready-to-use computing environment for your end users. The Casper Suite also enables you to provision Mac, iPad, and iPhone in the depot, remotely, or through end-user initiation. Deployment is the first step to complete Apple management.

Software and content distribution

Software, eBooks, videos, and profiles.

Make sure your end users have everything they need, when they need it. The Casper Suite can distribute software, content, and management profiles to your Apple devices in multiple ways depending on your needs—including an on-demand push, behind the scenes policy, or end-user initiation through an IT-curated Self Service interface.

Compliance and security

Reduce risks and maintain user experience.

Whether you're managing confidential customer data or national secrets, it is critical to build a safe and secure computing environment for your Apple devices. With the Casper Suite you can implement, enforce, and monitor the settings, profiles, encryption standards, and passwords that are a part of your security protocol—automatically and remotely.

Inventory and reporting

The information you need, put to work.

We all know you can't manage what you can't measure. With the Casper Suite, the hardware, software, and settings inventory data that is automatically gathered for every Apple device under your care is the foundation for management. On this solid foundation, you can build reports, automation, and notifications to help your business run smoothly and make great data-driven decisions.

Self Service

Changing the way IT delivers.

The Self Service application within the Casper Suite was the first corporate "software store" for Mac users when it was introduced in 2009. Since then, end users have become sophisticated technology consumers, and these consumers demand access to content and support on their schedule. The Casper Suite's Self Service portal and app have evolved to meet and exceed these demands, making everything from routine help desk support to eBooks available to end users whenever, and wherever, they want.

Automate Apple tools

Make a good thing better.

Apple packs a punch with each new device and operating system it builds. New features, functions, and capabilities are introduced with every release to improve the computing experience for the end user. The Casper Suite is developed to embrace, extend, and enhance these tools to improve the support of Apple in the enterprise, and make every new release a knock out—on a schedule that never leaves your business down for the count.

Automate existing tools

Use what you have.

Mac, iPad, and iPhone are often introduced into corporate environments where support technologies are already purchased, implemented, and maintained. The Casper Suite can help you integrate Apple devices into your existing environment by working with the tools you already have. Our customers are able to deploy, update, and report on a variety of tools made by leading enterprise vendors.