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Over 94% of our customers stay with us year after year because we provide excellent products with excellent support.

Our support model

At JAMF Software, we have a unique and personalized support model. When you join our customer community, your JAMF Buddy will be available to offer advice, guidance, and a personalized experience with the software. You can expect someone who will be able to understand your needs and environment on a level unmatched by other customer service models.

To provide direct and immediate access to the resources you need, our support model ensures you do not waste time navigating a support system that changes each time you call. Simply contact us using the channel that best fits your needs, whether it be online case creation, email, chat or phone, and rest assured that your question or issue will be taken care of. Remember, there is no maximum number of support cases you can create and no additional charge for support services beyond maintaining your Annual Maintenance or Subscription for the product. And, your case is not closed until you tell us it is solved. 

We are here to help you succeed with Apple.

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Our Technical Support Desk

If, for whatever reason, you have an emergency and your JAMF Buddy is not immediately available, you can always turn to our Technical Support Desk. Our Technical Support Desk is staffed with trained JAMF experts who are familiar with our products. Each and every one is eager and ready to help with any questions or issues that may arise.

We do not outsource our talent so we can confidently ensure the high quality of support you will receive.

The Technical Support Desk is available to Casper Suite, Imaging Suite, and Composer customers.

When you contact our support team, you can be confident that they will be able to help.

View Technical Support Desk Hours

Status New In Progress
Low 8 hours 32 hours
Medium 4 hours 24 hours
High 2 hours 12 hours
Emergency 1 hour 4 hours

Target response times

We take pride in getting you timely and effective responses to all your questions so you can get back to helping your end users. To meet your needs, we adhere to the following response times for all support cases.

What is a support incident?

A support incident is a single, reproducible issue that focuses on one aspect of the Casper Suite and can be identified by isolating specific symptoms. If an incident can be broken down into subordinate issues, each issue will be handled as a separate incident.

A reproducible incident is any problem that can be re-created on our systems. An incident may include multiple contacts, including emails, phone communication, and any other transfer of information necessary to reproduce the problem at JAMF Software. Any issue determined to be caused by a software bug or error in documentation will not be considered an incident.

Despite the formality of that language, we are committed to working to the best of our ability to help solve any problem that crosses your path.

Here is our commitment to you:

  • We will help you with any problem, regardless of direct affiliation with our product or services.
  • We will use all available resources at our disposal to get to a solution. If we are no longer able to proceed within our ability, we will help you find a path to a solution.
  • We will not point the finger at another technology or vendor unless it is out of our capability to resolve the issue.
  • We will understand the business need caused by the issue, and work to the best of our ability with you to resolve the issue in the timeline that is required.
  • We understand that you have workflows specific to the needs of your organization.
  • We understand that we may need to adapt our tool to be a framework that helps you to achieve these goals.
  • We will approach any issue with the mindset of a co-worker rather than a vendor.