Mac Management Software for K-12 Education

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Pairing great teachers with great tools

See how McKinney ISD uses Mac to make the lives of teachers and students easier.

Creative & Powerful 

Open the door to endless possibilities

Provide access to creative apps, encourage students to think outside of the box, and take education to the next level. Immerse students in the power that Mac brings to the modern educational experience by giving them the tools they need to succeed. With access to modern resources, students are using their devices in ways teachers and schools never imagined.

Less Work with Deployments

Get users what they need, when they need it

Whether your Macs are in labs, one-to-one programs, or shared settings, deployment is never a one-time project. With the Casper Suite, build custom images and profiles based on location, user, or grade level, ensuring students always have what they need—or easily make changes to configurations on the fly.

As schedules change from semester to semester, Mac mobile device management (MDM) imaging projects are always high priority for an IT admin. And it's not uncommon for classroom content needs to change unexpectedly. Whatever the scenario, the Casper Suite's advanced toolset allows you to automate both small and large-scale Mac MDM deployment projects easily and efficiently.

Protect Student Privacy

Keep data in the right hands

Protecting student data is critical, and IT departments are responsible for the policies and procedures to keep students safe. Through Apple's powerful, built-in security features, you can ensure that student data remains secure.

The Casper Suite gives you powerful capabilities with the flexibility to update settings for individuals or groups of devices. Allow access to approved educational apps and content while students are in the classroom. And keep data safe with Apple's disk encryption, VPN, and malware protection—instead of sending it to companies whose motivation is selling personal data to advertisers.

The Modern Classroom Experience

Get personal with your Mac computers

Mac is known for the unique experience it brings to users. Enhance that experience to provide a productive, positive, and safe environment in the classroom. Use Casper Suite Self Service to provide student access to apps and content. Offer each student the freedom to use the Mac how they like, while maintaining security in the background to keep their data safe.

Through the power of Apple native technology, Mac is taking learning to places it has never gone before. And, schools have never been more focused on providing a customized, technology-driven, and modern education experience for students and teachers.

Casper Suite allows us to manage our Macs and iPads in ways other solutions aren't capable of, and provides the flexibility we need to make our technology initiative a true success. 

Damien Barrett

System Technician at Montclair Kimberley Academy

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A great education technology program starts with the hardware and software, but it doesn't end there. Attend JAMF Software training courses to build Mac MDM skills. Reach out to support if you ever need a helping hand. Take advantage of custom services for extra onsite support. And engage with the JAMF Nation community to discuss topics, ask questions, and network with other Apple admins working in the education space.

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