Mac Management Software for the Enterprise

Automation, deployment, compliance, and security with one simple tool

Mac is a Force in the Enterprise

A recent survey of IT professionals shows use of Apple in the enterprise has grown significantly in the past decade.

Mac is Enterprise-ready and Then Some

Over the past 10 years, Apple has quietly made strategic and technical decisions to ensure its devices meet the unique needs of enterprise organizations — especially related to security, enrollment, and support.

A timeline of Apple's moves to be an enterprise hardware provider

See a timeline of Apple’s strategic enterprise moves

Today, Mac has more than met those challenges. Learn the five things IT leaders should know about why the Mac platform is a good fit for their organization. 

See How IBM, the Original PC Company, Put Mac to Work

Watch this short video to hear how IBM is saving money and empowering users with Mac.

The Casper Suite – Built for Mac

Built From the Ground Up for Mac

The Casper Suite is Mac Management Software

Leading IT organizations recognize the unique capabilities of macOS and want a best-of-breed tool built for the Apple platform that integrates with their existing IT infrastructure. The Casper Suite is that tool. 

Purpose-built to manage Mac—beginning in 2002—the Casper Suite has made the lives of Mac IT admins easier ever since.

Bottom line is, a generic tool that offers limited support for a platform is far less useful/productive than a platform-specific tool that has a history of 12 years of development behind it.

Robert Hammen

Senior Systems Engineer, MC Services

Mac: A Better Platform with Better Results

Fletcher Previn, VP of Workplace-as-a-Service, led IBM's transformation from a Windows-centric organization to supporting the Apple platform.

IBM's approach is user-focused. They manage Macs in a way that has been typically reserved for mobile devices. The goal is to drive self-sufficiency, so users can help themselves instead of solely relying on their help desk.

IBM is deploying 1,900 Macs per week, and currently have 130,000 Macs and iOS devices in the hands of users. And all of these devices are supported by a total of 24 help desk staff members, meaning that each staff member effectively supports 5,375 employees. Remarkably, IBM found that only 5 percent of Mac users call the help desk, compared to 40% of PC users. This shows how simple it is for the staff at IBM to use the Mac platform.

Previn continued the Mac@IBM conversation by saying the upfront cost of PCs is lower, but the residual value of Mac is higher. “A Mac still has value three or four years down the road,” he added. With the provisioning and automation practices used to manage Mac, IBM does not need to create images for all of their machines—saving their IT staff significant time.

Automation for Sustainable Growth

Get IT back in the business of your business  

Make the simple tasks automatic and the hard tasks simple. Put the IT focus back on projects that build your business, and not on the drudgery of updating and configuring systems one at a time. With the Casper Suite, bring automation to your Mac management workflows to reduce manual touch-points and eliminate common errors. Support remote users or a global workforce to provide consistent inventory, security, and deployment capabilities.


Deploy new Macs more efficiently

Leverage the Casper Suite to set up a Mac with the right apps, content, settings, and security policies so employees can start with the right tools, right away. Bring productivity to your IT team and the users you support with a customizable, scalable deployment workflow. Integrated with Apple's Device Enrollment Program (DEP), the Casper Suite offers a zero-touch setup experience and fail-safe security policies. Whether you are responsible for a few dozen Macs or a few hundred thousand, your deployment workflow scales along with your organization.


The best way to alert, report, and remediate 

Deliver on your corporate IT compliance requirements across the entire Mac fleet. The Casper Suite enables IT to configure systems to meet your organization's security rules and demonstrate compliance through ongoing system status reporting. The result is reduced Information Security risk without burdening IT or your employees. Share compliance data across your IT teams with granular access controls, or integrate with other security systems through the API.

Data Security

Apple device security without added complexity 

Take advantage of the powerful security capabilities that are built into every Mac. Disk encryption, VPN clients, and malware protection are included with macOS, awaiting your command to enable and configure. The Casper Suite makes it easy to implement strong security policies without third-party utilities and their added cost and complexity. And with virtually zero performance impact, users get to keep their data secure without sacrificing speed or productivity.

Manage Mac in Any Environment

The Casper Suite integrates easily with any existing IT infrastructure, and ensures IT admins don’t have to skimp on the features and capabilities they count on most.

Different name, same function. If you've used SCCM to manage PCs, you’ll love the Casper Suite. It's like SCCM for Mac management.

What SCCM is to Windows, Casper Suite is to Mac. See the Mac/SCCM comparison.

User Experience

The Apple experience users expect 

People choose Mac for its intuitive user experience and legendary design. Starting with the birth of Mac in 1984, the reimagined iMac in 1998, and the light and powerful MacBook of today, Apple has pushed the industry forward in what is possible with a "personal computer". The Mac App Store simplified the process of buying and installing software, making it as simple as downloading a song from iTunes. Create the same intuitive user experience with Casper Suite Self Service: an app and IT service catalog custom tailored for your business.

I can spend months figuring out how I'm going to do my Active Directory deployment, figure it out and send out an email. 'Hey guys, open up Self Service and press this button.' I'm not touching 468 machines. I get it set. I tell them to use Self Service and I'm onto my next project.

Scott LaPaglia

IT Systems Administrator, Ping Identity

Implementation & Scaling

Grow your Mac implementation from 50 to 50,000 

A successful Mac implementation requires the right ideas, people, and Mac management software—in that order. Put your project on the right path by partnering with JAMF Software, the Apple IT experts. Give your teams the training and certification opportunities they need to build new skills and gain the efficiency that comes with experience. Join a community of IT professionals focused on supporting Apple. And, know that when questions arise, a team of JAMF Software support engineers are available to lend a hand.

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