Data Encryption

Protect data on all devices

Native Disk Encryption

Putting FileVault to work

With high-profile hacks making headlines, security concerns have become even more prevalent over the last few years. Stolen laptops, compliance requirements (company or regulatory), and the need to keep data safe has pushed organizations to mitigate risk by encrypting client machines. To help with this, Apple offers an encryption tool called FileVault that ships with every Mac.

What is FileVault?

Native full disk encryption from Apple

Built-in disk encryption for macOS that encrypts the entire drive using XTS-AES 128 encryption technology. FileVault works by creating a pre-boot login partition where the user enters their password and FileVault decrypts the drive to boot-up normally. There is virtually no performance loss because it is native to macOS and not a bolt-on product.

Enforce Encryption

Automate FileVault settings

You don’t want to rely on your users manually enabling encryption. With the Casper Suite, IT can enforce FileVault settings for each device, ensuring they are encrypted without ever touching a device.

Manage Encryption Keys

Easy to reset passwords or recover data

With FileVault, users and IT know their data is safe with strong encryption. Individual or institutional recovery keys can be generated by FileVault and escrowed by the Casper Suite. This allows IT to centrally manage those keys in case a user’s password needs to be reset or data needs recovery.

Report on Encryption Status

Know your devices are secure

Is this Mac encrypted? When it comes to checking for policy compliance or security audits, the Casper Suite and its reporting tools have you covered. As an IT admin, you can set up a smart group that searches for the encryption status on Macs. Receive alerts if a Mac is not encrypted and take action to enable FileVault.

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