Apple's Volume Purchase Program

Purchase and distribute apps the smart way

What is VPP?

Apple's Volume Purchase Program (VPP) provides organizations and schools with a way to purchase apps in bulk from the App Store and distribute them to users for use on iPad, iPhone, or Mac. 

Users get access to resources and tools that improve productivity and help them do their jobs better. Organizations get a way to save money and streamline and control app deployment. 

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Manage app distribution with VPP and Casper Suite

The Casper Suite mobile device management (MDM) solution integrates with Apple VPP to make app distribution easier than ever before.

  • Users get the software they need on all their devices
  • IT admins have a simple workflow for distributing software
  • Purchasing and software inventory is centralized and standardized
  • Organizations save money by retaining licenses and re-distributing apps as users come and go

Distribute apps the smart way

Watch this video to learn how to distribute apps using VPP and the Casper Suite.

How to leverage Apple's Volume Purchase Program

Learn the necessary steps when preparing to use Apple's Volume Purchase Program (VPP).


  1. Enroll in Apple’s Deployment Programs
    Visit to enroll your organization in Apple's Deployment Programs. Education institutions use Apple School Manager.
  2. Link VPP account to the JSS
    Connect your VPP account to the JAMF Software Server (JSS) using your unique VPP token from Apple.
  3. Ensure Apple IDs are in place 
    We recommend that users have their own Apple IDs based on their institutional or personal email address. Schools can create Managed Apple IDs via Apple School Manager.
Learn how to purchase apps with Apple's Volume Purchase Program (VPP).


  1. Select apps to purchase
    Choose the apps you want to distribute and the license quantity required.
  2. Choose your distribution method
    Redeemable Codes: One-time-use codes that permanently transfer the ownership of an app to the user.

    Managed Distribution: Assign purchased apps to users and revoke and reassign later. This allows the organization to retain ownership of the app and is our recommended distribution model. (Note: not available for books)
  3. Complete the purchase
    Complete the transaction by following the checkout process. Apple accepts various payment options, including purchase orders and credit cards.

Choose your deployment path

Deploy apps to users

  1. Assign apps to users
    In the JSS, choose VPP Assignment from the Users tab. A list of your purchased apps will appear when you create a new assignment.
  2. Prepare apps for deployment
    In the JSS, select Apps from the Mobile Devices tab. Click “new” and search for the app you selected in the previous step. Choose how to deploy the app:

    Push Notification: Sends a notification to the device to retrieve the app immediately. Users will need to accept the notification.

    Self Service: Publish the app to your Self Service catalog, where users can install the app on demand.
  3. Invite users to participate in VPP
    In the JSS, select VPP Invitations from the Users tab. Create a new invitation and choose how you’d like to send it:

    Prompt Users: Sends a notification alert to the device for users to accept the VPP invitation immediately.

    Email: Sends an email with a link to accept the invitation.

    Self Service: Displays a prompt within the Self Service app to accept the invitation.

Deploy apps to devices without Apple IDs

  1. Prepare apps for deployment
    In the JSS, choose VPP Assignment from the Users tab. A list of your purchased apps will appear when you create a new assignment.

    Install Automatically: Sends a notification to the device to retrieve the app immediately. No user interaction is needed.
  2. Assign apps to devices
    While still on the selected app from the first step, choose the VPP tab. Select Device Assignments and make sure the Assign VPP Content box is checked. Finally, define which devices get the app by configuring the Scope.
  3. Apps are downloaded
    App will now download directly to devices without asking for an Apple ID. Apps can be revoked and reassigned to new devices if needed.
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