Mac Imaging Software

Old-school rollout

Create Images for OS X

Monolithic and modular imaging

Mac imaging software has traditionally been the best way to set up and provision a Mac with IT’s involvement. Casper Imaging, an application within the Casper Suite, allows you to easily build and deploy images to Macs.

IT admins can either build one large image—known as monolithic imaging—which includes settings and apps, or they can build more modular images by adding packages on top of the factory OS. Both methods enroll the Mac into the Casper Suite, preparing the device for further management.

Thin Provisioning

Over-the-air enrollment

Since IT’s time and resources are always limited, the concept of thin provisioning has become popular. Allow your users to complete Apple Setup Assistant on their own and manually enroll Macs via a private URL generated by the Casper Suite. A small package file runs to provision the Mac with the settings and applications that you have prepared ahead of time.

Zero-Touch Provisioning

Automatic device enrollment

Maintain consistent configurations for end users without ever touching a new Mac. That’s what’s possible with the zero-touch imaging. This method leverages Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) to automatically enroll and configure new Apple devices over the air.

Ship new devices directly to end users without any hands-on support from IT. The Casper Suite integrates with DEP, so you can also set global configurations and be confident that all devices are configured.

Device Configuration

Additional settings and apps after enrollment

After enrollment you can deploy the configurations, settings, and applications your users need. Mac OS X settings like passcode, Wi-Fi, and VPN can be configured via the mobile device management (MDM) framework.

In addition to MDM, the Casper Suite installs an agent on Macs for advanced configurations such as running scripts and installing packages. This process is known as a policy in the JAMF Software Server (JSS).

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