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Higher education institutions strive to foster creative learning, self development, and build on the needs of society. With Apple devices managed by the Casper Suite, faculty and staff can focus more on their mission of research and teaching, while IT addresses the endless inventory, security, and varying department needs. 

Offer a quality, high-tech campus environment

See how the University of Wisconsin—Eau Claire manages their growing number of Mac computers with a single full-time employee and a couple of students.

Without having the JAMF software on campus, I honestly don't know how we would do it. It's always a comforting feeling to know that with just the handful of people we do have, we can maintain the environment pretty easy.

Brandon Knuth

Apple admin and support specialist at the University of Wisconsin—Eau Claire

Why Choose Apple?

Grow knowledge with the right tools 

Faculty, staff, and students demand the tools to help them succeed and achieve their goals. By putting a Mac or iPad in their hands, higher education institutions unlock limitless potential. With creative and powerful learning resources available, students, staff, and IT can be more productive than ever before. 

Scaling & Efficiency

Provide every opportunity for learning 

Giving faculty and students access to the appropriate resources, content, and apps are of utmost importance for higher education institutions. With the right management solution, you can get these materials to users in a simple and efficient way. Create custom software packages, OS images, and pair with Apple's deployment programs for automated deployments of new software and configurations—regardless of the size of your institution. 


Data protection for staff and students

As staff and students concentrate on teaching and learning, give them the peace of mind that their Apple devices are protected. Leverage Apple's native security tools to ensure devices are secure. Enforce encryption and easily integrate with third-party tools to build a complete ecosystem of security.

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Safeguard staff and student information

Protecting the personal email, photos, and accounts of staff and students are a necessity for any higher education institution. To accomplish this—without sacrificing security protocols—you can enforce passcodes on each student device and remotely wipe the institution's data. And all of this is done without impeding on any personal information.

Everything You Need to Succeed

Continue your learning too

The Casper Suite is the starting point for managing your Apple devices more easily and securely than ever before. But that’s not the only reason JAMF Software is the leading management solution for education teams around the world. From our exceptional support and professional services to our flexible certification and training courses and online community forum, we have everything you need to ensure your Apple implementation is a long-lasting success.

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