iPad Management Software for K-12 Education

Powering young minds

The power of iPad in the hands of students

Watch how the School District of La Crosse, Wisconsin successfully deployed their 1:1 iPad program. 

iPad or Chromebook

Choose the best device for transformative learning

iPad was built specifically for learning and to take full advantage of the power of technology—making it an experience unlike any other. Its built-in accessibility features are inclusive and meet the needs of all students. iPad supports equity by offering app functionality in both online and offline scenarios, as not every student has access to the internet 100 percent of the time.

An individualized learning experience is possible with 1:1 or Shared iPad, so you can put the best learning device in the most hands.

A Universe of Educational Apps

Take learning to infinity and beyond 

Students are doing things in the classroom that have never been done before. In new and interactive ways, they are exploring the Milky Way, going to the depths of the ocean, and investigating systems of the human body. They create movies, presentations, and content using unconventional methods that force them to think outside the box—and maybe even step a little out of their comfort zone.

The challenge for schools is getting the right apps, into the right hands, at the right time. With eSpark Learning and Casper Suite iPad management software, distribute apps and content that span across all ages and learning styles, constantly pushing the standard for learning higher and farther. 

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A True Apple Experience 

App distribution the way it was meant to be

With Apple's vast app educational app ecosystem, managed app configuration, and volume purchasing through Apple School Manager, it's easy to distribute apps to students. Make it easy for teachers and students to navigate between apps by selecting which apps appear on the iPad home screen and in which order.

With countless apps at students' fingertips, the power of customizing settings and securing data with Managed Apps, and the simplicity of purchasing and deploying apps, you can provide a world-class user experience and enjoy a pain-free IT workflow.

The Casper Suite has allowed us to do exactly what we wanted...we've been able to embark on every big idea we've had with our iPad implementation, and would strongly recommend it as the go-to solution to any other organization embarking on a similar project. 

Dan Pickens

Head of Instructional Technology at Farmington Area Public Schools

Protect Student Privacy 

Keep data in the right hands

Student and teacher data, both on and off-campus, remains safe with Apple's built-in security tools, managed by the Casper Suite. Enforce passcodes and enable security policies within the Casper Suite to prevent others from taking control of a device. Discourage theft of institutionally-owned devices using automated deployment through Apple School Manager, prohibiting the removal of profiles placed by your IT department. Use Lost Mode to lock a lost or stolen device and activate location services.

One-to-One and Shared iPad

A personalized experience for each and every student

Leveraging iPad management software with the Casper Suite, so school IT staff can provide students with a device that's configured, connected, and ready to use.

Purchase apps in bulk, then deploy to individual or groups of students to provide a personal iPad experience. You can further customize content and privileges based on grade, course, or special needs.

Whatever the scale and scope of your school's iPad deployment. Casper Suite provides the best tools for IT to enable the best learning experience for students.

The Modern Classroom Experience

Empower teachers and students

iPad is known for the unique experience it brings to users. Enhance that experience to provide a productive, positive, and safe environment in the classroom. Use Casper Suite Self Service to give students access to apps and content. Give teachers a powerful classroom management tool with Casper Focus or Apple's Classroom app; both integrate seamlessly with the Casper Suite. Offer students the freedom to use the iPad how they like, while teachers maintain the ability to guide students through transitions and focus attention on an app or website.

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