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Apple continues to raise the bar of what is possible with technology in education. As more and more schools discover the power and benefits of Apple, Macs and iPads have become commonplace in schools. With this technology comes deployment and maintenance logistics as well as questions around security and privacy. With the Casper Suite, IT can efficiently and safely manage Apple devices so teachers can focus on teaching and students can focus on learning. 

Personalize the learning experience for all students

See how Hopkins Public Schools use iPad to run a flipped classroom and provide students and teachers with the resources they need.  

We're seeing students more engaged and we're seeing students really grapple with the curriculum and want to go further with it using the digital devices. 

Sara Speicher

Reading and AVID Teacher at Hopkins Public Schools

Why Choose Apple?

Transform the classroom for students and teachers

Personalize the classroom experience with the rich and intuitive Apple platform. As more Mac and iPad devices are brought into the classroom, more teachers are seeing the benefits of the creative tools, interactive books, and wide array of learning apps available to their students. And, students are enjoying the creative possibilities their device offers them.

Scaling & Efficiency

Help students get started quickly

While it only takes a few minutes to get started with an Apple device, repeating the set up and configuration steps for hundreds of devices can be a time-consuming task. Count on a management solution to automate the work for you. Schools can easily integrate with Apple's deployment programs to quickly pre-configure and scale their one-to-one or shared-device programs. This ensures a positive learning experience from the moment a student picks up their device.  


Ensure data privacy without compromising security

Data privacy is critical for students, teachers, and schools and starts with choosing the right technology platform—preferably one that doesn’t collect student information to sell to advertisersPrivacy continues with good IT security standards like data encryption, application security, and software patching. 

Teacher Effectiveness

Get more out of classroom time

Educational technology programs are most successful when IT and teachers work together. That's why our Casper Focus iOS app is built for teachers and integrates with the IT management system. Teachers can instantly focus students to a single app or webpage, send brief messages to each student iPad to help with transitions, and conduct secure assessments in the classroom. The result is shorter transitions and more time for students to be engaged in learning. 

Guidance and Instruction When You Need It

Let our professionals educate you

JAMF Software is the starting point for ensuring your Apple in the classroom programs are a long-lasting success. But that’s not the only reason to choose the leading management solution for schools around the globe. From our world-class support and professional services to our flexible certification and training courses and online community forum, we have everything you need to teach and learn in the modern classroom.

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