iOS Mobile Device Management

Mobilizing devices with the right software and the right settings to the right people

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iOS in the Enterprise

iOS is the world’s most popular mobile operating system thanks to its ease of use and stellar user experience. It's no surprise that organizations large and small are seeing the value of "Post-PC" devices just as consumers have. Apps, Siri, iCloud, and the entire ecosystem have made iOS a joy to use at home and now bring to work.

iOS Ecosystem

iOS mobile device management at its finest 

Apple's native iOS security controls and management framework—known as mobile device management (MDM)—enable smooth deployments, easy configuration, and compliance with enterprise security standards. On top of iOS, lives a rich App Store ecosystem where thousands of apps transform how mobile business is done. Apple is also partnering with enterprise companies like IBM and Cisco to truly bring iOS to the enterprise. There has never been a better time to bring iOS to your business.

Go Beyond Basic Communication

Get more out of iPad and iPhone

As organizations look to maximize productivity and customer satisfaction, read our e-book to gain insight into ways iOS apps help streamline communication, improve transactions, and enhance business processes.

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Device Deployment

Zero-touch configurations and deployments

Traditionally, deploying new hardware was something that needed extensive planning and IT involvement. With the Casper Suite and Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP), you can streamline this process by putting it into your user’s hands. Simply order new iPads and iPhones and ship them directly to your employees. DEP will automatically enroll and configure the devices during setup—saving substantial time and resources while also empowering users.

Security Compliance

Enforce security standards on all devices 

For organizations deploying iPad and iPhone, you need to ensure each device complies with your security standards. This can be extremely difficult to achieve if operating on a device-by-device basis. Thankfully, Apple has built into iOS and MDM the ability to enforce security features en masse. Enforce passcode policies, restrict apps, and even distribute Wi-Fi and VPN settings all wirelessly and from a single console. Implementing security settings for your enterprise is a breeze with iOS MDM.

Data Security

Manage the flow of your data

Once iPhones and iPads have been deployed and secured, you now have to manage the flow of data on those devices. Users want to be able to download mail attachments and use them with various cloud services, and this can traditionally be difficult to manage. With the Casper Suite, you can secure data by controlling what apps can open documents, thus keeping the flow of corporate data secure.

Implementation & Scaling

Grow your iOS implementation from 50 to 50,000 

A successful iOS implementation requires the right ideas, people, and iOS MDM—in that order. Put your project on the right path by partnering with JAMF Software, the Apple IT experts. Give your teams the training and certification opportunities they need to build new skills and gain the efficiency that comes with experience. Join a community of IT professionals focused on supporting Apple. And know that when questions arise, a team of support engineers is available to lend a hand.

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