Giving employees the freedom to be more creative and productive along with the enterprise mobility management tools IT needs 

User preference is driving business preference, and that preference is Apple. The Casper Suite makes Apple device management as simple as the Apple user experience itself.

Using every facet of enterprise mobility management

See how Pentland Brands keeps their Apple program running smoothly. 

Why Choose Apple?

Empower your workforce to do more

Today’s modern, mobile workforce demands Mac, iPad, and iPhone, because Apple devices are powerful, yet easy to use. With productivity features and apps available to employees—and a secure Apple ecosystem available for IT—performance levels will never be better and organizational output never greater. 

Scaling & Efficiency

Deploy ten or ten thousand Apple devices

Setting your employees up to succeed starts with getting them the right resources, content, and apps. With the Casper Suite enterprise mobility management software, create deployment workflows that scale to meet your organization's needs. You can easily keep devices up-to-date and automatically deploy new software and configurations—all without requiring employee downtime. 


Protect organizational and employee data

From keeping personal email and photos private to protecting corporate data and assets, security is a top priority for all members of an organization. Rely on a enterprise mobility management tool that utilizes native Apple security to make it easier for IT to administer secure passcodes, encrypt Apple devices, and remotely wipe corporate apps and data without touching an employee's personal content.

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With You Every Step of the Way

Apple management is just the beginning

The Casper Suite is the starting point for managing your Apple devices more easily and securely than ever before. But that’s not the only reason JAMF Software is the leading enterprise mobility management solution for business professionals. From our world-class support and professional services to our flexible certification and training courses, we have everything you need to ensure your Apple implementation is a long-lasting success. 

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