OS X Mavericks and the Casper Suite

See how easy it is to provide access to OS X Mavericks for your end users with the simple-to-use and powerful Mac management tools available in the Casper Suite.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how OS X Mavericks, paired with the Casper Suite, enables organizations to extend new desktop capabilities and management features such as enhanced data security, user-initiated OS upgrades, and superior configuration profile functionality. Secure your organization, secure your data, and protect everyone in your environment.

In this recorded webcast we’ll discuss:

FileVault 2:

  • Report on FileVault 2 security posture
  • Add or remove a user's ability to unlock a FileVault 2 encrypted drive without decrypting/re-encrypting

OS Upgrades:

  • In-place upgrade using deployment of OS X Installer to targeted client devices
  • Simplified administrator workflows

Configuration Profiles:

  • Configure user options for security settings
  • Deploy and enforce security requirements that depend on native functionality
  • Enforce data access security by forcing organization owned apps to leverage a VPN connection


Have questions?

Our Q&A document has a lot of answers. See if a member of the community had the same thing on their mind during our live broadcast, or reach out to us at info@jamfsoftware.com.

OS X Mavericks and the Casper Suite Webinar Q&A