Olson case study


The balancing act

Siddhartha Chadda, CTO at a Twin Cites advertising agency, loves to play tennis over his lunch hour. Problem is, it can be hard to make time for your tennis game when you work for one of the fastest-growing independent creative agencies in the country. Lucky for Siddhartha, his office at Minneapolis-based OLSON uses the Casper Suite and sits right across the street from the Loring Park Tennis Courts.

“I was employee number 90 two years ago. Today we have 180,” reported Siddhartha.

Despite the fact that the number of people Siddhartha and his team support has doubled over the last two years, he has only needed to add one person to his staff, increasing his team from two to just three. The effects of rapid growth in business can be devastating. One of the most common symptoms of growing pains in business includes people spending too much time putting out fires.

“With the Casper Suite, we’re able to create imaging standards and configure machines based on those standards, keeping patch management to a minimum.” 

Creative Suite . . . easy as 1-2-3

“Our Agency Founder John Olson has worked hard to create a holistic environment where every department talks to each other,” said Siddhartha, “The Casper Suite helps make this possible by ensuring version consistency and allowing us to keep up with the pace of growth and the amount of software that needs to be deployed each week.”

With this, Siddhartha said when Adobe’s latest Creative Suite came out, they bought 45 licenses and were able to deploy them in one week.

“Before the Casper Suite, we were having to hire consultants at $75 an hour to deal with major releases like this. It might take them four hours to roll out one computer. Now, because of the automation that comes with the Casper Suite, we can literally image machines in one hour and have one of our own employees, or even an intern, do it.” 

The icing on the cake

“Really the only surprise is that we have yet to come across something that the Casper Suite has not been able to solve,” said Siddhartha.

He described a situation where he needed to roll out Suitcase. After installing the latest version for all his machines, he realized that there are different versions for different operating systems.

“I was able to roll back my action with one policy and one smart group. The Casper Suite allows me to make mistakes and fix them without losing a whole day or even a week.”

It helps create balance even during times of intense growth. What’s more, it gives him more time for tennis. 

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