Iowa Lakes Community College - Iowa case study

Iowa Lakes Community College

Unwanted road trips

Iowa Lakes Community College, located in rural northwest Iowa, aims to provide regional economic development through life-long learning for its residents. Their open door policy of guaranteed access to postsecondary education includes Mac-intensive programs such as broadcast media, graphic design technology, web publishing, and others.

The challenge for Jason Skoland, a Computer Support Specialist for the college, is that preparing and maintaining their Mac computers is increasingly expensive and time consuming.

“My office is a 50-mile round trip from the classrooms and labs I’m supporting,” said Jason. “It’s a struggle.” 

More than expected

When Iowa Lakes decided to expand their facility to include a new publishing lab, Jason was suddenly responsible for over 35 Macs. To assist Jason, the IT Director began investigating the Casper Suite to see if it could help with imaging those machines. After a demo, it became clear to the IT director that the Casper Suite would be able to handle more than just imaging. By using the Casper Suite they have not only increased their level of support, but they’ve also reduced Mac-based labor and expenses across the board.

“We used to only configure our Macs at the beginning of the school year and troubleshoot from that point forward,” said Jason. “Now I’m organizing packages by department, pushing them out remotely, and customizing applications for instructors whenever they need it. I can actually handle emergencies too without the 50-mile drive.”

Benefits ahead

The benefits of the Casper Suite are felt beyond the IT department. The instructors are pleased, too.

Jason explains, “It used to take me a half-hour just to get to a classroom to troubleshoot, by then the class was almost over.”

Starting with a more stable base means Jason (and the instructors) are able to avoid troubleshooting. However, when needed, Jason can resolve issues from his office or guide instructors on the phone thanks to the Casper Suite’s intuitive interface.

Jason recently completed his Certified Casper Administrator (CCA) training and he’s anxious to implement what he’s learned.

“I have so many ideas now! We’ll be using the Casper Suite’s new documentation as a road map for the future. The Casper Suite is a great savings for everyone. It’s just awesome.” 

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