FileVault 2 and the Casper Suite

More than ever, security in the workplace has to be reliable, consistent, and enforceable. FileVault 2’s full disk encryption provides peace of mind that data is secure. The Casper Suite extends this native technology, providing a seamless end-user experience while offering admins reporting and compliance adherence options.

Whether you’re a FileVault 2 or Casper Suite novice, or you’re an expert interested in learning what’s new since the Mavericks release.

In this recorded webcast we’ll discuss:

Enforcing a Disk Encryption Standard

  • Grouping devices based on current device encryption status
  • Creating and deploying disk encryption configurations
  • Recovery key redirection

Reporting on Disk Encryption

  • Viewing encryption percentages
  • Viewing completion
  • Understanding the differences

Remediating Issues

  • Differing recovery key in the JSS
  • Adding a local account to provide unlock capabilities
  • Adding a management account to provide unlock capabilities


Have questions?

Our Q&A document has a lot of answers. See if a member of the community had the same thing on their mind during our live broadcast, or reach out to us at

FileVault 2 and the Casper Suite Webinar Q&A