Fallon Worldwide compliance case study

Fallon Worldwide

Loss of confidence and time

Fallon Worldwide is a critically acclaimed global branding company. Working smart is in their DNA. It’s been that way since they opened their doors in 1981. When their IT department began to lose confidence in their existing install and support tools, their corporate philosophy demanded a better solution. They looked to the Casper Suite to deliver—and then some. Jonah Klevesahl, a Fallon Support Specialist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, will tell you that interrupting the work of creatives to fix machine failures or update software isn’t the best way to demonstrate the worth of an IT department. 

Jonah describes their philosophy, “Our goal is to try and make our IT staff invisible.” 

Almost invisible

The Casper Suite has enabled Jonah and his team to become almost invisible when rolling out Adobe CS2. 

According to Jonah, “Updating software used to mean interrupting end users to locate their serial numbers, installing applications, installing updates, doing user-specific configurations, and recording it all in a spreadsheet. Now, using the Casper Suite, we simply select the target or target group within the GUI and install the package—everything else happens automatically. I rolled out Adobe CS2 to an entire department in about 20 minutes.”

When it came to installing templates, Jonah organized a pre-built package, tested it within the IT department, and then sent it out to the whole office in one afternoon—including permissions.

From a cost center to a corporate resource

How management perceives the IT department is critical, too. Jonah is no longer purchasing multiple admin licenses to do inventories. Now he can use the Casper Suite so that anyone can log in and run the Recon component. The cost of management to do inventories is now less expensive and more accurate. Fallon’s liability risk is also lower because now they can account for every software license on the network, not to mention every network device, computer, printer, plug-in, font, and more. Jonah also used the Casper Suite to help reduce the potential risk of two new worms impacting Macs. 

“We were able to respond quickly to the concerns of management by pushing out a safe settings file to fix Safari,” said Jonah.

Gradually becoming invisible to end users, decreasing potential corporate liability, and reducing downtime is what converts an IT department from a perceived cost center, into a corporate resource. Jonah and the Fallon IT staff have leveraged the Casper Suite to make this transformation possible.

Before using the Casper Suite, we didn’t have confidence during installs, and supporting end users meant interrupting their work. Now with the Casper Suite, we’re pushing software updates out within minutes, we’re providing support without downtime, and our end users realize that they’re not seeing us much anymore.
— Jonah Klevesahl

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