Colle+McVoy case study


Adding end users without adding support staff

When Colle+McVoy’s IT staff started supporting a sister company in Minnesota, it became important to manage the end users’ computers—not just to support them. Though the IT staff now supports end users at two Minneapolis offices and a remote location in Chicago, adding these offices has not had a negative impact on staff or service due to implementing standards and automating repetitive tasks.

Colle+McVoy has a long tradition of innovation and adoption of emerging ideas and technologies dating back to its founder, Alfred Colle, who started the agency during the Great Depression. Their mission statement “Involved Teams. Insightful Thinking. Inspired Ideas.” is parallel to the thinking at JAMF Software, making for an easy adoption of the Casper Suite by Colle+McVoy. 

Tools to meet the need  

When Bill Hansen, IT Director at Colle+McVoy, needed to release 15 new machines, his hardware vendor suggested that the computers arrive pre-imaged using the Casper Suite. Hansen was skeptical because he was already using a popular imaging utility.

“The solutions we had in place were working for us, but did require a significant amount of post-imaging configuration. When I saw what I could do in five minutes before imaging, I realized that I could eliminate the two hour post-imaging process we had been going through,” said Bill.

Since the initial Casper Suite pilot project at Colle+McVoy, the increased speed of deploying new machines and re-imaging existing ones has freed the IT staff to spend more time with their end users. 

Features beyond deployment and imaging

While the flexibility of the Casper Suite’s modular approach to imaging saved the staff hours at deployment, it’s the Casper Suite’s advanced features that make it a daily toolset used to keep Colle+McVoy’s Macs running at peak performance. Hansen said he appreciate the ongoing capabilities of the Casper Suite.

“I discovered features such as remote inventory, remote updates, and a centralized database of all this information. It met the project needs, as well as opened our eye to a whole new set of possibilities,” he said.

With the latest release of the Casper Suite and the addition of a VNC application, group policies, LDAP binding, and inventory support for the Windows platform, Hansen sees how the Casper Suite has expanded. In turn, it allows him to both centralize his entire department and eliminate additional licensing costs for utilities he no longer needs. 

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