Capps / Re:Sources case study

Capps / Re:Sources

Wearing many hats

Centrally managing workstations across the country is a challenge for any IT department, especially one with a team of only three people. From field operations, to desktop support, to Mac administration, Technology Services Manager Leo Kawczinski and his team have their hands full.

“We all wear a lot of hats. We maintain—based on the different business units and their unique needs—a half-dozen specifically tailored system images,” said Leo. “Every time there was a patch for anything, once we tested it and determined we were going to install it, we then needed to update every workstation in our environment and we would need to re-build every single image that we maintain to include it. It used to be a very time- consuming process.”

With the Casper Suite, all that has changed.

“Now we build system images modularly, and can deploy them centrally, so we just have to make one installation package, then we can drive it all from the Casper Suite,” said Leo. “Techs showing up at desks with installation disks doesn’t happen anymore.”

Desktop Support Team Lead Eric Winkelhake agreed that the Casper Suite has made his life easier.

“The built-in inventory is great, as well as some of the other features, like the software update feature inside the JSS,” said Eric. “The fact that I can easily build a package of a new piece of software, remove something old, and “ have complete power over everything is really nice.”

The ease of use has also made it possible to perform updates on an ongoing basis.

“In the past, we would be reticent to update images for very minor patches; now it’s not an issue,” said Leo. “We can react to things more quickly, making it easier to keep the environment up-to-date, as opposed to rolling all the minor upgrades into a major project.” 

An awful lot of value

They were also pleased to learn that the features they wanted were part of the overall Casper Suite package.

“Some things that are standard features in the Casper Suite are add-ons from other vendors, requiring you to buy additional modules at additional expense,” said Leo. “I haven’t run into anyone that uses the Casper Suite, or has switched to the Casper Suite, who isn’t amazed at how much they get for their money. There’s an awful lot of value for the price.”

Answers within a day

The JAMF Software team has proven to be responsive and helpful as well, Leo added.

“I love the fact that we can get JAMF Software on the phone if we need to and say ‘Hey, we’ve got an issue, how do we get it fixed?’ And, boom! It gets taken care of.”

Eric has found the JAMF Software distribution lists to be helpful as well. “I’ve never seen an issue posted that wasn’t solved or didn’t receive suggested answers within, at most, a day,” he said.

The Casper Suite has changed the way we work. Because the tool is nimble, we can be much more responsive with respect to how we approach patch upgrades. It’s not as time-consuming a process as it used to be.

— Leo Kawczinski

“Overall,” said Leo, “it’s a very solid product with a very nimble team behind it.” 

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