Bushel Overview

Bushel is Mobile Device Management, simplified for smaller environments. No IT within your organization? No problem. Bushel removes the complexity from device management to help small business users who have IT as a task. 

Define those easily-forgettable company email settings one time and Bushel will configure all of your devices. Ensure your mobile deployment, and the sensitive information your employees access on the go, remains secure by enforcing passcodes and encryption across all of your iPads, iPhones and Macs. Even populate all of your company’s wifi network passwords centrally and let Bushel pre-load them on every enrolled device.

Bushel simplifies the setup of all of these settings and makes it easy for new employees to get right to work, quickly, easily, and consistently.

Of course, the most common reason people use Apple products at work is to gain access to the amazing ecosystem of Apps. Integrate with Apple’s free Volume Purchase Program for painless app distribution. You can install essential work apps across all of your organizations devices with one click. Or perhaps there are certain apps that are only needed by a handful of employees. You can deploy individual apps to those individual devices. You can even reclaim purchases and reassign them to new employees in the future. Manage all of your apps centrally, over the air.

Within Bushel, you’ll see all of your organization’s devices inventoried at a glance. And you can tap on any device to see more details. With Bushel, you won’t miss a beat. Send a lock command to a misplaced device or give a user a remote assist by resetting the device passcode. Even remotely wipe a device if needed.

You can proactively handle all of these tasks with ease, from any modern web browser. That means you get to focus your time and energy on growing your business instead of living the never-ending role of help desk.