Bering Strait School District case study

Bering Strait School District

The challenge: a unique environment

John Nasset, Lead Support Technician for the Bering Strait School District, lives and works in what he calls “a place of wild nature and sheer beauty.”

“Parts of it remind me of what I imagine earth was like in Prehistoric times,” said John.

The school district he works for not only includes 15 individual sites, but it also covers nearly 80,000 square miles of Western Alaska. John lives and works out of the hub village of Unalakleet and he is responsible for managing over 1,600 Macs spread out over 16 village communities across this vast district.

“Many of the villages literally have no roads between them so actual site visits can be a challenge,” said John.

The school district owns and operates its own plane and one of the district’s schools—located on the island of Little Diomede—is serviceable only by helicopter.

“On a clear day you can see Russia from the island, which sits almost right on top of the International Dateline,” said John. 

The solution: remote management

The ability to manage machines from a central hub was imperative for John and his team due to the spread-out nature of the district’s villages. Until the Casper Suite, the district dealt with their lack of onsite support by appointing a teacher at each site as a Tech Liaison.

“Teachers were doing their tech work on weekends or after hours,” said John. “It was very difficult to keep our district’s technology running smoothly.”

With the Casper Suite, John and his team can manage and modify end users’ environments from a central location. “The automation the Casper Suite offers us is huge,” said John.

With a few click of a mouse they are able to create and deploy multiple image configurations and software updates as well as respond to different demands as they arise through configuration and settings management.

“The support that I can offer from my desk is unparalleled from what it was before the Casper Suite. We are all Casper Suite junkies here,” said John.

The bonus: more than a vendor

John described his experience with JAMF Software saying, “We are so impressed with the support we get from JAMF Software. When I call the support line, the people at JAMF Software know who I am. The customer service and the follow-up goes beyond anything we’ve seen in other vendors. We can be almost ‘anti-vendor’ around here, but we love JAMF. We see JAMF Software as a partner more than a vendor. It really is a human driven company and that makes a huge difference in our experience with the Casper Suite.” 

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