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Software purchased from developers often needs to be pre-configured or customized to meet specific requirements and preferences of end users. By creating custom "packages" in standard formats, an IT department can configure software prior to distribution, ensuring that the software arrives on the end-user's computer pre-configured and ready for immediate use.

Composer makes macOS software package creation simple with an intuitive point-and-click process. Whether you prefer your packages in standard or flat .pkg, .mpkg, or .dmg formats, Composer can help you create re-usable and deployable packages.

Easy Does It

Save time and resources

Creating packages that are tailored to end-user configurations enables IT administrators to save their organizations time and resources. Packages are standards-compatible and available for deployment with Apple Remote Desktop, the Casper Suite, or any other patch management system. Better yet, the software arrives pre-configured and ready for end users to get started immediately.

Flexibility, Greater Productivity

Create packages your way

Composer gives you options. You can build your packages using our drag-and-drop interface, using a library of manifests, taking system snapshots, or by converting an existing package. Packed with extra touches for many workflows, Composer also includes a quick-look file viewer as well as a package editor to manage scripts and easily identify new, modified, or deleted files.

Purchase Composer

Composer is available for download from our online store for $99.95 (Commercial version) or $79.95 (Education version). If you wish to purchase Composer with a purchase order, please contact us.

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