The Casper Suite: iOS 7 support on day one

The anticipation for iOS 7 and its many new features created higher user excitement than ever. On September 18th, Apple satisfied this pent-up demand and, by some estimates, over 30% of users upgraded to the new iOS within the first 24 hours. The Casper Suite featured same-day support for iOS 7, ensuring that you can not only support your users—including those using the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S—but also leverage many of these new enterprise management capabilities. On the day when the world of iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV changed forever, the Casper Suite ensured that you were able to immediately evolve and utilize these new management capabilities.

iOS 7 and Casper Suite 9: Apple TV

iOS 7 and Casper Suite 9: Managed Open In

iOS 7 and Casper Suite 9: Per-app VPN

iOS 7 and Casper Suite 9: Single Sign-on (SSO)

Data Security

One of the great aspects of iPad and iPhone is their extreme mobile nature. This mobility gives end users the ability to move, travel, and engage with others in a way that has not been possible before. When providing technology of this nature, administrators are tasked with following organizational policies regarding data security.

Data security can be encapsulated into three main areas—data at rest, data in transit, and access to data. Data at rest refers to the data that resides on the device itself. This is the data that is accessible through an app even when a device is not connected to the Internet. Data in transit refers to the data that is passing between the device itself, and the storage location for the app data. This refers to data that resides within a corporate network, as well as data that resides in an app provider’s environment. Access to data refers to providing a layer of protection to ensure undesired users are not able to access data without the proper credentials.

The Casper Suite takes advantage of new features and functionality in iOS 7 to provide administrators with solutions to help protect the organization's data in all three main areas: data at rest, data in transit, and access to data.

How the Casper Suite leverages data security features in iOS 7:

  • Automated data protection when a device gets lost or stolen; inventory criteria is defined to trigger the data protection action
  • Reporting on data protection
  • Leverage per-app VPN, ensuring that when corporate data is accessed it's running through a secure VPN portal
  • Protect data from leaving intended apps by prohibiting data from being exported to another tool or app
  • Security policy enforcement
  • Implement new data security configuration profiles available in iOS 7
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