Self Service

Empower users with your own app store

Empower users to be creative, productive, and happier — while taking the burden off of you

See how Self Service empowers users to manage their own devices. 

Create Your Own App Store

Promote and support user autonomy

Enable users to install apps and settings on their own device from a user-friendly internal app store. You define the apps, tools, and content that are available to users based on role or department. Self Service is a one-stop-shop for software updates and content without submitting a help desk ticket.

Casper Suite Self Service - Tier-Zero Help Desk

Tier-Zero Help Desk

The ticket to fewer help desk tickets

Casper Suite Self Service replaces routine help desk tickets with on-demand actions. Users can apply system configurations and run self-help maintenance tasks without delay or disruption. IT remains in control by defining what’s available to each user and logging the Self Service actions. IT admins can spend more time on strategic projects and less time on mundane tasks.

Centralized Portal for Web Tools

One-click access to everything you need

Bookmark common web services such as HR tools, communication platforms, or internal resources to provide an easy entry point to valuable company information.

With the Self Service feature, Casper has stopped the flood of help desk requests by allowing our employees to take care of IT themselves.

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