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Casper Suite Security - Data Encryption

Data Encryption

Protect data on all devices

Protect user data with strong disk encryption. Enforce encryption requirements and report on compliance across your organization. Take advantage of the enterprise-grade encryption technology built into macOS and iOS with no system performance hit or third-party utility required. Arm IT with tools for common requests, such as password reset, device activation lock bypass, and remote lock and wipe.

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Casper Suite Security - Settings Management

Settings Management

Manage system security configurations

Set passcode complexity rules, VPN connection settings, and other policies for device security. Deploy your configurations automatically during initial device enrollment and push updates over the air. Configure Apple native security controls and third-party apps and utilities. Demonstrate compliance with reports, receive alerts for non-compliance, and add automatic or manual remediation tasks. Manage user and system accounts with password rotation or randomization.

Casper Suite Security - Restricted Software

Restricted Software

Keep unwanted—or unsafe—software off your network

Choose the right balance between user autonomy and IT control for your organization. Restrict software installation entirely, create a list of approved software for on-demand user installation, or restrict malicious software. Utilize user-based scoping to apply different rules for different groups of users.

Casper Suite Security - Software Patching

Integrated Patch Management 

Keep current to remain secure

Keep Apple devices secure with OS and app patching for both Apple and third-party software. Receive automated notifications when commonly updated third-party software patches are available. Respond to software vulnerabilities quickly by identifying at-risk systems, deploying a patch, and reporting on compliance. Avoid compatibility issues by ensuring software version consistency throughout your organization. Make software patches available to users on demand or push to devices.

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