Track the status of your devices with IT inventory management

Extension Attributes

Customize your inventory collection

The Casper Suite automatically collects hundreds of data points for each Mac and iOS device. Extension attributes provide a framework for collecting additional data, such as the output of a script or the status of a third-party app. Templates for commonly used extension attributes are available so you can start customizing your IT inventory management immediately.

Smart Groups

Automate management tasks 

Build smart groups based on inventory criteria without using complex query language. Smart groups are updated every time a device checks in to the JAMF Software Server (JSS) and you decide if this is hourly, daily, or weekly.

Group membership can trigger policies for automated IT inventory management actions, or be used in reports. Or, send email alerts when new devices join or leave a group—helpful for proactively resolving common issues like battery health or disk utilization. 

License Management

Pay for software you actually use

Track software licenses alongside your hardware. Licenses for paid software titles—such as Microsoft Office or Adobe Creative Suite—can easily be tracked and inventoried. Additionally, you can run reports to see who is using the software and shift licenses around if needed. This simplifies software audits and ensures accurate software license reports.


Track your warranty status too

AppleCare can protect your organization’s Apple investment by extending the warranty. As inventory grows, you need a central location to keep track of warranty status. The Casper Suite integrates with Apple's Global Service Exchange (GSX) to retrieve all Apple device warranty and purchasing information. This makes asset tracking, insurance claims, and service repairs easy.


Locate Macs on your network

The Casper Suite can scan your network for Macs that are not yet managed. The network scanner allows you to remotely enroll multiple macOS computers. It scans your network and enrolls any computers that it discovers.

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