Package Creation

Build macOS packages and images with ease

Build Custom Software Packages for OS X

Save time with streamlined package creation

Simplify your software deployment tasks by building pre-configured software packages. Use macOS package management tools to combine app, configuration, or template files in a custom .pkg, .mpkg, or .dmg package format. Save time using pre-built templates for popular software titles, or use the snapshot method to include all the files installed by an application. Use packages in your imaging workflow, as standalone installers, or deploy them remotely with tools like Apple Remote Desktop or the Casper Suite.

Create Bootable macOS Images

Build the perfect Mac

Configure a Mac just the way you want it. Using Composer within the Casper Suite for macOS package management, create a bootable macOS image file and deploy to other Macs to simplify your imaging setup. Image files use standard .dmg format, so you can use them with Apple native tools like Disk Utility, the Casper Suite, or other third-party imaging tools.

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