Apple's Device Enrollment Program (DEP)

Zero-touch deployment for IT; streamlined setup for your user

Zero-Touch Deployment

Apple's Device Enrollment Program (DEP) is the best way to automate deployments and simplify device setup. When DEP is paired with the Casper Suite, IT can empower users to be productive the moment they unbox their Mac, iPad, or iPhone device. 

DEP and the Casper Suite go beyond basic mobile device management (MDM) capabilities to add zero-touch device enrollment and configuration. By providing users with immediate access to the resources they need, IT can focus on higher value projects and less on mundane tasks.

Deploy Apple devices the smart way

See how easy it is to deploy Macs, iPads, and iPhones without IT ever touching them.

Casper Suite DEP - What is Required for Apple DEP


Enroll in Apple’s deployment programs
Visit to enroll your organization in Apple's deployment programs. Education institutions use Apple School Manager.

Link DEP account to the JSS
Connect your DEP account to the JAMF Software Server (JSS) using your unique DEP token from Apple.

Configure enrollment settings in the JSS
Choose what you’d like the set up experience to look like for your users, and configure those settings in the JSS. Our systems engineers can help create the perfect experience for your organization.

Casper Suite DEP - How Does Apple DEP Work


Buy Macs, iPads, and iPhones
Purchase your Apple hardware from Apple or an authorized reseller approved for DEP. Your devices will automatically be added to your DEP portal—ready to deploy.

Assign devices for enrollment
Assign all devices owned by your organization or select groups of devices identified by serial number. 

Casper Suite DEP - What is Apple DEP


Send devices directly to users
Since DEP will handle all the enrollment, IT will not need to unbox devices. Instead, save time and money by directly shipping devices to users.

Users unbox and turn on devices
Users get to savor that great out-of-box experience Apple is known for, while still ensuring IT policies are enforced. The Setup Assistant will automatically download the MDM profile necessary for management.

Devices are automatically configured
With the MDM profile in place and the Setup Assistant completed, the device is configured and the user is ready to set their preferences and go. 

That’s it! No complicated set-up process or additional tasks for your users. With Casper Suite and the Device Enrollment Program, Mac, iPad, and iPhone deployment is a snap.

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