Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Give users choice without sacrificing security

Manage Personal iOS and Android Devices

Give IT and users what they want

Using traditional MDM tools to manage your Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program is challenging and not popular with users and IT. Users need to know their personal information is private and IT needs a management tool that keeps cost and complexity down. 

The Casper Suite BYOD solution for iOS and Android is the only MDM tool designed for users, IT, and organization leaders—and the first one engineered to help ensure your BYOD program is a success. 

Eliminate Cost and User Revolt

Give IT and users what they need without breaking the bank

The Casper Suite BYOD solution is a lightweight device management tool that provides enterprise management and robust security for personally owned iOS and Android devices—while eliminating the challenges associated with complexity, user acceptance, and cost.

No Unnecessary Complexity

Have the features you need and the functionality you'll use

The Casper Suite BYOD solution gives you the controls you need to successfully manage your BYOD program in a simple interface:

  • Enforce passcodes and encryption
  • Wipe or lock access to corporate data remotely
  • Inventory devices, corporate data, and settings
  • Deploy managed apps (iOS only)

And, IT organizations can deploy and scale quickly with the hosted JAMF Cloud solution. It can easily integrate with existing infrastructure like SCCM, Active Directory, and Exchange.

Increase User Acceptance

Deliver transparency to users during the enrollment process

With the Casper Suite BYOD solution, users immediately see what IT can and cannot do to their personally owned device. This relieves any fears they may have that their personal photos, information, or apps will be monitored or potentially deleted by the organization. 

In fact, the Casper Suite uses a restricted MDM payload—optimized for BYOD—to prevent full device wipe or discovery of personal data. Instead of "IT will not discover or wipe personal data from the device", you can write "IT cannot discover or wipe personal data from the device" into your BYOD policy. This transparency increases users' peace of mind, which speeds BYOD program adoption and success. 

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