Apple device management for smaller environments

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Set up, Manage, Protect

When IT is a task, not a career

For small businesses, Apple device management can be time-consuming work, especially if IT is not your day job. Make Mac and iOS device setup easy, so you can spend your valuable time doing other work. Bushel is simply the easiest way to perform small business mobile device management tasks on the Apple devices within your organization. 


Track the status of your devices

With small business mobile device management, get a bird’s eye view of the status of email accounts, security settings, and deployed apps. Keep a watch on how much storage capacity your devices have remaining and easily export device information to a spreadsheet to streamline accounting and asset management. View information such as device name, installed OS, serial numbers, and more. 

Bushel Blueprints


Customize configurations for your devices

A Blueprint enables easy customization and deployment of apps and settings for groups of devices, all from one place. Blueprints contain apps as well as the Security, Email, Wi-Fi, Restrictions, and Wallpaper settings for your devices. You can create multiple Blueprints to define different settings and apps for different devices within your deployment.

App Distribution

Automatically install apps from the App Store on your devices

Use Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP) to buy apps in bulk and distribute them over-the-air to streamline app distribution. Apps purchased using VPP can be reclaimed and reassigned, so that you retain ownership of these important assets. Use Bushel to assign VPP apps to a user's Apple ID or directly to a device—no Apple ID required. 

Bushel Wifi

Wi-Fi and Email Settings

Stay connected and secure at all times

Deploy secure networks and email server configurations. Fully support WEP, WPA, and WPA2 security with no limit to the number of networks you can add. Automatically configure company email accounts on all of your devices, and seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Exchange, Google Mail, Yahoo! Mail, and any other IMAP or POP mail accounts.

Bushel Data Security

Device Security

Keep data in the right hands

Secure your devices with passcodes, auto-lock, and encryption. Limit how apps and email accounts share documents, keeping your sensitive work data secure without locking down the device. Even enforce FileVault full disk encryption on the Mac. Remotely lock, wipe, or place lost or stolen devices in lost mode.

User-Driven Enrollment

Configure company-owned devices without touching them

Enroll all of your organization’s devices to get your users up and running quickly. Leverage user-driven enrollment to add any device by simply navigating to your organization’s enrollment URL. Take it a step further with Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) to automate enrollment out of the box, streamlining the setup experience. 

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