For the lucky ones who haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing the polar vortex we’ve had going on this winter, we’ll give you a little recap—IT’S COLD. And we’re talking freeze-your-fingers-off, cars-won’t-start, and any-temperature-above-0-degrees-feels-downright-balmy type of cold. Due to this cruel science experiment someone out there must be performing on us, school cancellations are through the roof. If you were a kid growing up before this crazy technology age, you’d be rejoicing over a freebie day to sleep late and watch cartoons (do kids still watch cartoons?). Anyway, when schools surpass a certain number of cancelled days, teachers and students alike need to make it up. And instead of cutting into the warm, summer vacation (we’re hoping the polar vortex fizzles out by then), Farmington School District officials in Minnesota may have outsmarted Mother Nature. A great JAMF Software customer, they’re piloting "flexible learning days" that allows students to make up missed assignments during a set period of time from home. Each Farmington student is assigned an Apple iPad and are able to connect to district websites to access school work at home. Read the full story.