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The Digital Classroom. Teach, learn, and share information in compelling new ways.

The Digital Classroom. Teach, learn, and share information in compelling new ways.

Technology is changing the way education is done within the walls of today’s K-12 and higher-ed institutions. Apple products, managed through JAMF Software, give students the ability to learn at their own pace with engaging, multi-dimensional tools — while providing educators with technology to help manage the classrooms, the curriculum, and the assessment without requiring heavy IT involvement.

The Digital Classroom revolves around several pieces of technology, all made simple with our Casper Suite.


The iPad has proven itself to be an invaluable educational tool, providing teachers and students with rich educational media, mobile access to supplemental material, and a large selection of iOS apps to help teach in a more engaging and personal way. Casper Suite lets you implement or expand an iPad program quickly and easily.

Learn more about how Casper Suite and iPad let you transform the classroom experience.

Casper Focus

As educators adopt technology within their classroom—particularly the iPad—they’re often faced with finding methods for keeping students focused on the content appropriate to the specific topic. Casper Focus enables teachers to zero students in on a single app or website, guide classes, or temporarily restrict students on their iPad — all from their own iPad.

Learn more about how Casper Focus puts teachers back in charge of the classroom.


The Mac is as much a staple in today’s classroom as the ruler and chalkboard — thanks to its simplicity and functionality. And with Casper Suite’s Self Service tool, it’s more foolproof than ever. Self Service’s intuitive interface makes it easy for users to install software, configure printers, access digital content, run maintenance scripts, and update applications themselves. And because users do not need admin permissions on their machines to access Self Service, your IT team retains the ability to configure applications and settings. Self Service will be a hit in your school, giving users instant access while saving your IT team time.

Learn more about how our Self Service tool makes it easy for Mac users to get what they want, when they want it — without always having to bother IT.

Apple TV

Apple TV is a smart and easy way to share and collaborate within the classroom. It lets educators display course information, present that day’s material, or share pertinent multimedia with students. Students can use Apple TV to share group work, research, or a new app that they’ve found to help learn course material. Apple TV frees up the teacher’s device from being tethered to a projection display, and makes spontaneous sharing easy.

See how Casper Suite helps you turn Apple TV into a versatile collaboration tool. 

Apps and eBooks

Apple makes iPad the ideal mobile platform for learning by providing access to a wealth of interactive and rich content. Whether through apps, eBooks, or mobile websites, students can utilize their iPads to learn whenever, wherever, and however they prefer — while educators can suggest and use new apps and eBooks to broaden and freshen their curriculum.

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