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  • “Casper Suite allows us to manage our Macs and iPads in ways other solutions aren’t capable of, and provides the flexibility we need to make our technology initiative a true success.” Damien Barrett, System Technician at Montclair Kimberley Academy 

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  • “As a team of one, Casper Suite has been a tremendous asset to me. I’ve saved a considerable amount of time in managing our more than 140 Apple devices, and with the Self Service feature, Casper has stopped the flood of helpdesk requests by allowing our employees to take care of IT themselves.” Grant Griffith, mono IT Manager

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  • “With the Casper Suite, our journalists and employees spend less time worrying about technology and more time focusing on our mission of inspiring people to care about the planet.” Jehan Aziz, Apple Service Manager, National Geographic

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  • At JAMF, we pride ourselves on helping school districts like Farmington launch new initiatives that help students learn in innovative ways. In this case, our part was helping them deploy 7,300 iPads all at once, using the Casper Suite. 

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  • When Hopkins Public Schools decided to flip learning on its head, they turned to iPad — and JAMF Software to help make the new program a success.

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