The Casper Suite: Enabling IT to embrace new Apple technology and empower users.

JAMF Software provides the best enterprise framework for managing inventory, deployment, and security of new Apple technologies, and enabling users to be more self sufficient and productive than ever before.

Here’s what’s new and enhanced.


OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 Support: Ease of adoption with peace of mind.

OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 bring powerful new features to the enterprise and the Casper Suite is here to ensure updates are immediately supported and occur gracefully — with best-in-class inventory, deployment, and security. We’ve added new MDM commands and we are ready to ensure that you can fully manage and embrace Apple’s new technology as soon as possible. So sit back, relax, let your users update, and watch good things happen. Learn more about how the Casper Suite can help you manage Apple OS upgrades.


Industry-Leading Management of OS X Yosemite

Leading IT organizations recognize the unique capabilities of Mac OS X and choose a best-in-class Mac management solution. The Casper Suite offers full comprehensive client management for Macs that was built for Macs from the ground up continues to build on new Apple technologies. 


Casper Suite Self Service: The ticket to fewer help desk tickets.

Among the many deployment models supported by the Casper Suite, Self Service can be perfect for corporate environments and 1:1 initiatives in education. Self Service enables IT to empower users with the ability to install updates, apps/software, content, and settings on demand – without disruption to their workflows. With our enhanced Self Service, IT can maintain control, consistency, compatibility, and compliance over the user’s environment, while making it easy for users to get all of the technology they need when they need it. Learn what you can do with Casper Suite Self Service.


Introducing BYOD support for iOS and Android: Finally, BYOD made manageable.

Another popular deployment model used within many organizations is BYOD. BYOD may be popular, but using MDM tools to manage BYOD is not very popular with users – and their cost and complexity are not very popular with IT. Designed specifically for personally owned iOS and Android devices, the Casper Suite BYOD solution is a lightweight and cost-effective mobile device management option that lets IT enforce data security, ensure user privacy, leave users to their own devices, and accelerate BYOD program adoption. See why our BYOD solution is right for your program.


iBeacon Integration: Proximity with precision and privacy in mind.

Apple’s iBeacon technology provides unprecedented and unmatched precision for indoor location targeting. With iBeacon Integration, the Casper Suite can distribute or restrict applications, content, and/or settings based on a user’s proximity to an iBeacon. And when the user leaves the reach of the iBeacon within a room or a building, the tracking stops – preserving the user’s privacy. This ensures a balanced approach to inventory, deployment and security, which meets the needs of the organization and the user. With iBeacon Integration, the Casper Suite always puts the right technology in the right hands at the right time.


App Store Restrictions: Create your own app store.

Mobile applications are changing the way we work and learn on a daily basis. Third-party developers alone are introducing an average of 135 new apps every day. But they can’t all be winners, can they? Now, you can filter out the bad apps with the Casper Suite by restricting installation of apps that your organization deem as non-compliant, vulnerable, or just inappropriate — while allowing installation of the most important and relevant apps from your own custom app store.