The Casper Suite: embracing Apple enterprise IT programs.

JAMF Software provides the best management for the Apple platform by continually supporting new workflows and delivering the industry’s tightest integration with new Apple features and services. Casper Suite v9.3 takes this integration to a new level — giving businesses and schools a way to easily implement Apple’s new Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and Volume Purchase Program (VPP) on a large scale.

Now, IT departments have an increasingly sharper set of tools designed to make their job easier, their end-users happier, and their organizations smarter.


Touchless enrollment. Deploying devices just got even easier.

Thanks to DEP and Casper Suite PreStage Enrollment, you can set up and provision new Apple devices (as well as ensure they’re enrolled in the JSS) without ever touching the device. Users get a new, sealed device, walk through the setup process on their own, and all the configured settings, profiles, supervision, and apps will be put in place without physical IT interaction.

Additionally, if a reset is required to solve a problem, you can instantly wipe the Apple device and then re-enroll it automatically (applying the same settings and apps assigned to it previously). Even better, you now have the ability to restrict the removal of MDM profiles, to better ensure security and organizational compliance.

To learn more about DEP, check out our solutions pages for business and education workflows. 


Re-assign apps to users. Save time and money by retaining your purchases.

How much money would your organization save if it could retain and reassign the Apple apps it purchased? Apple’s enhanced VPP lets organizations do just that. And Casper Suite’s new VPP Managed Distribution capability enables IT departments to do it automatically.

The JSS is configurable to automatically assign apps to the appropriate users, even integrating with your directory service. For example, when 5th graders move to 6th grade, their 5th grade apps disappear and their 6th grade apps are installed on their device. Or, if an employee is transitioning to a new department, apps that are department-specific will become available automatically. And for BYOD programs, admins can assign apps to users even if their device isn’t managed. Invitations are sent to the user’s email addresses, and the user simply accepts the invitation and downloads the app from the App Store.

To learn more about VPP, check out our solutions pages for business and education workflows.


User-centered Management. Keep up with user hardware and software assignments.

Typically, IT admins will view their inventory based on “object type” (computers, mobile devices, software, hardware, etc). With this new feature in the JSS, IT admins can view hardware and software distribution based on individual users. Now, organizations can better audit distribution within an organization, understand the cost of an end user for more proactive budgeting and planning, and simplify assignment, deployment and device revocation if a user leaves the organization. 


Casper Focus. Saving valuable time in the classroom.

Updates to our proprietary Casper Focus feature help teachers manage their classroom more efficiently than ever — by allowing them to lock students’ iPad to a Safari webpage, just as it does with apps. Teachers can also exclude students from app or webpage focus if the student is absent, or is otherwise removed from a scenario where they would need to be locked.

Learn more about this popular tool by visiting our Casper Focus page or watching our recent webinar


Casper Suite 9.31. Much more than just a maintenance release.

Our 9.31 release adds additional tools to the Casper Suite that make workflows smoother and device management more scalable and robust. 

  • VPP Reporting — Quickly quantify VPP app license usage and investments to better show the ROI of purchased VPP apps.
  • Mass MDM Commands — Issue MDM Commands to groups of devices (versus one at a time) to enable easier onboarding/offboarding and automate the resolution of issues.
  • Activation Lock Integration — Protect against data theft by allowing end users to enable Activation Lock, and by easily looking to see which devices have been ebabled.
  • Admin Preferences — Customize the JSS to match your unique needs and preferences by deciding default languages, date and time settings, and search preferences for yourself.


Casper Suite 9.32. Deploy and discover with ease.

Imagine a world where you could map devices to users and put that data in any database within your organization to automate corporate directories, asset inventories, and/or compliance reporting. With Casper Suite 9.32, you can.

In addition to improving product extensibility and overall stability, Casper Suite 9.32 includes features that will help you to integrate user and device data between JSS and other databases in your organization, and report on the data.

Now you can use the JAMF REST API to add, search, and update users and associate them with devices. And with new User Extension Attributes, you can create custom fields that allow you to collect almost any piece of attribute data from users.