The Casper Suite: embracing Apple enterprise IT programs.

Casper Suite 9.3 takes Apple’s recent developments in the Device Enrollment Program and Volume Purchase Program and allows organizations to implement theses enhanced feature sets on a large scale. With the latest 9.3 features, organizations are offered an even simpler method of deploying and refreshing devices, saving significant time and money in the process.

Along with our new features based on Apple developments, we’ve also made some changes to Casper Focus and are introducing an exciting new interface feature—the Users tab. To help you get started with 9.3, we’ve highlighted the four main features so you can begin planning your deployment.

We think you’re going to enjoy working with the latest version of the Casper Suite, so let’s get started!


Touchless enrollment. Deploying devices just got even easier.

With Casper Suite PreStage Enrollment, you can easily configure and customize the setup experience for your users, as well as ensure their devices are enrolled in the JSS—without ever having to touch the device. When a user is administered a brand new device, they can walk through the setup process and all the configured settings, profiles, supervision, and apps will be put in place without physical IT interaction.

Additionally, if trouble arises on a device that could be resolved by a reset, devices can be wiped then automatically re-enrolled instantly (applying the same settings and apps that were assigned to that device previously).

Finally, organizations can also ensure security measures stay in place by restricting the removal of MDM profiles.  With the ease of setup and all the proper security measures in place, implementing one-to-one programs has never been easier.

These features are made possible through Apple’s new Device Enrollment Program (DEP). For more information on getting started with the Apple Device Enrollment Program, visit their website at


Re-assign apps to users. Save time and money by retaining your purchases.

Since the day iPad made its way to the classroom and business, it has brought undeniable value to end users. Now, with the ability to re-assign apps to different users, that value continues to increase as organizations are able to save time and money by repurposing their assets.

With Apple’s enhancements to the Volume Purchase Program (VPP), VPP-managed distribution allows administrators to simply remove a user from a VPP assignment in the JSS, or when using a directory service, to have app assignments change automatically.

When LDAP infrastructure changes, the apps change what users they are assigned to. For example, when 5th graders move to 6th grade, their 5th grade apps disappear and their 6th grade apps are installed on their device. Or if an employee is transitioning to a new department, apps that are department-specific will become available automatically.

For organizations implementing BYOD programs, admins can assign apps to users even if their device isn’t managed. Invitations are sent to the user’s email addresses, and the user simply accepts the invitation and downloads the app from the App Store.


User-centered Management. Keep up with user hardware and software assignments.

Typically, IT admins will view their inventory based on “object type” (computers, mobile devices, software, hardware, etc). With this new feature in the JSS, IT admins can view hardware and software distribution based on individual users. Now, organizations can better audit distribution within an organization, understand the cost of an end user for more proactive budgeting and planning, and simplify assignment, deployment and device revocation if a user leaves the organization. 


Casper Focus. Saving valuable time in the classroom.

Casper Focus ensures teachers know exactly what students are working on without having to worry about distractions that technology can sometimes bring to the classroom.

Recent updates to Casper Focus will continue to help users in guiding iPad on an individual or group level. With 9.3, Casper Focus allows users to lock iPad to a Safari webpage, just as it does with apps. Users can also be excluded from app or webpage focus if they aren’t present or are otherwise removed from a scenario where they would need to be locked.

These enhancements to Casper Focus offer instructors an even broader level of control when it comes to iPad management in the classroom.