The Casper Suite 9.7: Helping schools succeed with Apple

JAMF Software provides the best solution for managing Apple technologies in the digital classroom by helping IT teams and teachers provide students with engaging and interactive learning tools.

Here’s what’s new and enhanced in version 9.7.


Simplify iPad deployments like never before

As summer rolls around, IT teams must begin preparing technologies for next year’s class. Version 9.7 of the Casper Suite makes it easy for IT administrators to deploy and report on Apple hardware, App Store apps, and iBooks, to ensure that students are given the technology needed to maximize learning potential.

  • Streamline assignments, distribution, and reporting of App Store apps and iBooks to individuals, groups, or classes.
  • Provision new iPad devices and Mac computers locally or remotely with simplified workflows and zero-touch enrollment.
  • Distribute and report on technology based on location with enhanced support for iBeacon technology.


Get ready for assessments on iPad

Many schools are turning to iPad to deliver assessments to students. iOS now supports assessments by allowing IT to disable system-wide keyboard features that are problematic for testing. When these features are combined with Casper Focus and the other broad Apple device management capabilities of the Casper Suite, schools can ensure safe and compliant standardized testing on iPad. 

  • Provide a secure digital environment for standardized testing by locking devices to assessments and reporting on iPad status during testing.
  • Restrict features during testing, such as dictionary, quick type, auto correction, and spell check.
  • Support standardized testing in both 1:1 and cart-based iPad deployment models.


Help teachers regain instructional time

Teachers can experience challenges in the classroom when trying to transition from one learning activity to another, check for understanding, or redirect focus. Casper Focus helps IT enable teachers to focus student iPads to a customizable message to quickly get all students’ attention when providing classroom instruction. This reduces time between transitions and allows teachers to maximize learning time.

  • Focus student iPad on specific apps and websites to keep students engaged.
  • Focus student iPad on custom messages to gain attention during classroom transitions.
  • Distribute eBooks right from a teacher’s iPad, saving IT time and helping enhance the education experience for everyone.

Review the release notes to learn more about version 9.7 of the Casper Suite.