Inventory and reporting. You can't manage what you can't measure.

Manage and measure your inventory with custom reporting

With the Casper Suite it is easy to find and enroll existing Apple devices into the management framework—hands free. From there, the Casper Suite starts automatically collecting extensive hardware, software, and security status information, with hundreds of data points for each device. You can even customize the data you need if you don't find it in the default sets. This data can then be output into reports for management, used by IT to automate maintenance policies, and much more. Managers can be given access to the entire database via a web-based login to pull the data they need, bypassing IT. Put your data to work with the Casper Suite.

Manage licenses and usage: pay for what you use and stay legal.

One of the great challenges of enterprise IT is purchasing and tracking software assets across the organization. The Casper Suite can simplify the task of purchasing new software by providing an accurate count of Mac, iPad, and iPhone devices in the organization, broken down by department, grade level, building, or any other criteria. Once you've decided upon a quantity for purchase and have deployed the software, the Casper Suite can maintain an accurate count of the number of copies deployed across your organization. You can even tell the Casper Suite how many copies of a title you own and ask it to notify you if it finds more copies are deployed. As if that's not enough, the Casper Suite can determine how often significant titles are actually being used and help you reclaim licenses of unused software. Add integration with Apple's Volume Purchase Program (VPP) and your licensing and purchasing challenges just got simple. Learn more.

Manage licenses and usage: pay for what you use and stay legal
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    In the same view, track the total licenses you own and the licenses your users are using.

Licensed software count
Manage licenses and usage: pay for what you use and stay legal
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    Set up different alerting rules for different software titles.

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    Set up different alerting rules for different software locations.

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    Set up internal alerts if you exceed your software licensing, giving you complete peace of mind.

Alert on licensed software overage
Manage licenses and usage: pay for what you use and stay legal
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    Track usage of licensed software—by application and version—to ensure the software you are purchasing is being used.

Usage logs: licensed software

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robotic reporting for a human world.

In many ways, gathering inventory data on Mac, iPad, and iPhone is the easy part for the Casper Suite. The devices report on hundreds of data points to your central JAMF Software Server (JSS) on a schedule you choose. A look into any one device provides information about hardware, software, settings, configuration profiles, activity logs, any attached documentation, warranty status and much, more. The Casper Suite allows you to work intelligently, using this dynamic data in a way that is useful and valuable to the organization. With the Casper Suite you are able to set up smart groups with alerts to notify IT when certain thresholds are met. For example, a smart group for devices whose battery capacity is reported under 70% or whose storage is more than 90% full will notify the Help Desk when any device enters the group. With this information, IT can replace batteries and reallocate storage space as needed, before the end user ever runs into trouble. Instead of sifting through data all day, let the Casper Suite monitor the data and notify you when intervention is required, leading to pro-active, world-class support.

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Create smart device groups based on dynamic criteria.

Enterprise computer management is a moving target, with changes occurring minute by minute. In order to keep up with your ever-changing environment, the Casper Suite uses smart device groups as one of the foundational pieces of management. Smart groups are created based on criteria selected by IT and are updated every time a device reports back new inventory to the JAMF Software (JSS). Depending on the schedule you've set for inventory updates, this can be hourly, daily, or weekly. Smart groups can be the basis of reports or can be used to trigger policies for automated action. The powerful combination of smart groups and policies in the Casper Suite leads to an unprecedented level of automation and security for your environment. Smart groups can also send alerts to IT when new devices enter or exit a group. Let the Casper Suite keep its eye on the moving target while you keep your eye on the big picture.

AppleCare integration: keep warranty and purchasing up-to-date with the Casper Suite.

Enterprise customers with an Apple Self-Servicing Account can integrate their Global Service Exchange (GSX) Account with the Casper Suite to retrieve warranty and purchasing data directly from Apple’s global inventory database. From there you can put this data to work, creating reports on older hardware, machines that are reaching the end of their lease, or for all devices whose AppleCare is about to expire. Using this data to make smart maintenance and purchasing decisions means your organization can get the most out of its IT dollars. Learn more.

AppleCare integration: keep warranty and purchasing up-to-date with the Casper Suite
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    View and sort your entire fleet of Mac, iPad, and iPhone warranty statuses in a single location.

AppleCare warranty status
AppleCare integration: keep warranty and purchasing up-to-date with the Casper Suite
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    Individual Mac, iPhone, and iPad warranty identification and expiration is automatically populated by Apple's server.

Report: warranty and purchasing information

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Web-based console:

great service for your users, unlimited access for you.

One of the questions we always answer at JAMF Software is: "Do I need a Mac to run the Casper Suite?" And the answer always surprises them: "No!" We love Mac, but we know that IT professionals use many tools to do their work. The Casper Suite is designed to run on multiple server platforms and primary access is through a web-based console. While certain logical functions do require a Mac—such as building software packages for another Mac, remote observe and control, or imaging a new Mac—most functions for Mac support and all functions for iPad and iPhone support can be performed through a web browser. Administrators use centralized credentials to log in to your JAMF Software Server (JSS) via a web browser so they can provide support wherever they are from any device with a web browser. We used to call it "couchware". Now we call it "anyware". Learn more.

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Put your data to work:

search Casper Suite inventory by any data criteria.

One of the first things that you notice after you've enrolled a Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Apple TV in the JAMF Software Server (JSS) is the amount of data that is collected for each device and user. You have access to hardware criteria, purchasing data, installed software, fonts, plug-ins, configuration profiles, and much more. All of this data can be used as search criteria to build reports and create computer groups for policies, Self Service, or other tasks. You can also search by user to learn about inventory and usage of a user’s devices. Simple searches can be built on the fly to answer questions about your users and environment, and then saved for future reference. Searches are automatically updated as your environment changes, based on up-to-date data. Searches can be transformed into reports using templates available in the JSS and output as a PDF, or the data can be exported in several formats for use in other programs, such as Excel. Find what you need, when you need it using the robust inventory and searching capabilities in the Casper Suite. Learn more.

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Customized inventory:

track anything with extension attributes.

At JAMF Software, we help over 3,000 organizations support Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV and one thing we've learned is that each organization is unique. So as we've developed the Casper Suite, we've built in the ability to customize your version of management. For example, while the Casper Suite automatically collects hundreds of data points for each device, you may find that there is something additional you want to collect. The status of a custom script and the activity of a third-party application are two common types of data that can be collected through the JAMF Software Server (JSS) using extension attributes. Extension attributes allow you to build the framework you require for the tools you use. With this approach, you are never waiting for JAMF Software to revise and update its framework to support new software versions or technologies—you can do it yourself. JAMF Software provides templates for commonly used extension attributes as well as custom coding services so you are never on your own. Like every other data point, extension attributes can be used to create smart groups, trigger policies, and become a working part of your management strategy. Learn more.

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Connect Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV to the rest of your world with Windows inventory in the Casper Suite.

In most organizations, IT wants to select the best software to manage its Apple hardware and the best software to manage its Windows hardware. However, that same organization may want to aggregate inventory data into one place for software licensing, compliance and organization-wide reporting. With the Casper Suite, you have a couple different ways to accomplish this goal. One easy way to collect Windows inventory into your JAMF Software Server (JSS) using the Casper Suite's Recon client for Windows. With Recon, you can collect a complete inventory record for your Windows computers in the same database as all your Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV devices and use that data in your searching and reporting. Another method for connecting Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV to the rest of your computers is by exporting data from your JAMF Software Server (JSS) to your Windows management system using convenient plug-ins for Microsoft SCCM and the Altiris Client Management Suite. No matter which way you go, you can ensure that you're getting a complete picture of your technology inventory while providing the best support for each platform.