Consumer choice. Changing the way IT delivers.

Consumer Choice. Changing the way IT delivers.

Consumerization of technology has led to employees and departments making their own choices, trying new technologies and demanding use of devices in the enterprise that they love at home. Apple devices entered the enterprise in part because professionals—from executives to interns—brought iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices to work. IT's new challenge is to capture the positive impact of consumer choice while maintaining organization security and preventing data loss. The Casper Suite Self Service portal gives you the ultimate flexibility in publishing IT services and updates to your user community, while providing many technology choices. The unification of the Casper Suite for all classes of Apple technology provides one web-based entry point for IT and one recognizable entry point for end users, whether they're using a Mac, iPad, or iPhone. It's "management" for enterprise consumers: accessible, secure, and packed with choices.

In-house and App Store apps: all available through one familiar interface.

When users choose to use an iPhone or iPad in the enterprise, IT needs to help users get the right apps, provide access to corporate service, and ensure organization security, all without limiting the functionality of the device. The first step is to help users see the value of mobile device management so they are comfortable and eager to keep the device under management. With the Casper Suite, the Self Service portal is a great incentive for users to participate in the management process because it provides one easy source for all the in-house and App Store apps the organization has created, chosen, and purchased for its users. Stepping in to Self Service, users see the apps they want and need, without having to sift through hundreds of thousands of apps at the App Store or requesting in-house content from support. With the Casper Suite's Self Service, management from IT becomes a valuable service, making iPhone and iPad even happier in the enterprise. Learn more.

In-house and App Store apps are all available through one familiar interface
Self Service: App Store apps
In-house and App Store apps are all available through one familiar interface
Self Service: in-house apps

Distribute applications from anywhere, in one convenient location.

With the expansion of the global market place, consumers can find exactly what they want among all the choices available worldwide. This is true of software, as well as anything else we consume—we can purchase directly from the manufacturer, through a distributor, through the Apple App Store, or we can make our own applications. While choices can be positive for the consumer, they can be challenging for enterprise IT. We need to make sure that everyone is using the same version so we can work together and eliminate security holes. We need to make sure that the organization has properly licensed the software being used to avoid costly fines. Fragmented purchasing can also lead to over buying and confusion on the part of users who could be overwhelmed by choices. With the Casper Suite for Macs you are able to aggregate software available from countless sources in one central portal for end users, eliminating confusion while presenting choices to your users. The global marketplace has come home. Learn more.

Distribute applications from anywhere, in one convenient location
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    Install any application, from any vendor, via Self Service.

  • 2

    Distribute Apple App Store apps.

  • 3

    Update Apple App Store Apps.

Self Service: Mac App Store applications

eBooks, documents, podcasts, and videos: on-demand content.

Today's content comes in many shapes, sizes, and formats. And as consumers, we expect to be able to read, view, or listen to every kind of content on our device of choice. iPad and iPhone are increasingly used as readers, with many eBook formats beautifully supported. Schools and businesses are beginning to understand the potential power of using these devices not only as communication and productivity devices, but also as readers of both commercial and in-house content. In addition, businesses and schools now routinely produce videos and podcasts for their users to access on their own time. After spending some time setting up fileshares or emailing huge files, IT professionals and users both demanded a better way to move content. With the Casper Suite for Mac, iPad, and iPhone, the distribution of eBooks, documents, podcasts, and video is simple for administrators to set up—and simple for end users to locate and download. Sharing content across an organization has never been easier. Learn more.

eBooks, documents, podcasts, and videos: on-demand content for Mac, iPad, and iPhone

Access and play video in Self Service from any source.

Self Service: distribute video
Casper Suite is a one-stop-shop for software, updates, troubleshooting tasks, and content for Macs, iPads, and iPhones
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    Publish iBookstore books in your catalog and tie in with VPP code management for easy user transactions.

  • 2

    Publish self-published eBooks created at your school or business to your internal catalog for users.

Self Service: distribute books

Welcome to the cloud: simplify access to cloud-based services.

As more and more enterprise content and services move to the cloud, it has become critical for IT to develop strategies to help their users easily navigate the World Wide Web. No longer does IT make a smorgasbord of software available and call it a day. With the Casper Suite Self Service for Mac, you have one location to aggregate links to all cloud based services as well as the requisite software. With the Casper Suite for iPad and iPhone, we use a different approach for a similar outcome, leveraging either web clips to key services or distributing the apps that typically accompany cloud-based services. Either way, you are able to seamlessly integrate the distribution of cloud-based services into the world-class consumer IT experience that the Casper Suite offers. Learn more.

Simplify access to all your organization's cloud-based services

Manage all of your cloud services through the same portal that users access to install and update software, as well as download content.

Self Service: embed cloud services
Simplify access to all your organization's cloud-based services

Access any public or private cloud service.

Self Service: provide access to portals

Help users help themselves with the robust Self Service shop.

In 2009, we introduced the first self-service app store for the Mac that allowed end users to download and install software on their on own schedule. Since that groundbreaking introduction, Self Service has evolved into a sophisticated one-stop-shop for software, updates, troubleshooting tasks, and content for Mac, iPad, and iPhone. While the capabilities of Self Service vary according to device class, Self Service is optimized for each operating system, with an ever-expanding set of functions. The consistent, centralized Self Service portal is the first stop for support, empowering end users, minimizing downtime, and maximizing IT effectiveness. Learn more.

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    Allow users to perform Tier 1 troubleshooting before calling the Help Desk.

  • 2

    Publish routine maintenance tasks for users to run on their own schedule.

Self Service: perform maintenance tasks

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Get your consumers through the door with a consistent, recognizable, and familiar Self Service portal.

In IT, we have a tendency to build beautiful, elaborate systems to support our organization and users, then we wonder why the uptake of these systems is slow or our users are cranky. At JAMF Software, we've recognized that we could build the most comprehensive Self Service solution in the world, but if users don't go, it's basically useless. That's why we've developed a simple and consistent entry point across all device classes. Install the Casper Suite's Self Service on your Mac, iPad, and iPhone and provide incentives for your users to visit. New software, cool books, and critical services made available only through Self Service are great ways to get the ball rolling. You can even try thin imaging with Self Service to get users comfortable with this service from the outset. Once they've used the service a few times, they're hooked and you are open for business.

Web based console icon

Web-based console:

great service for your users, unlimited access for you.

One of the questions we always answer at JAMF Software is: "Do I need a Mac to run the Casper Suite?" And the answer always surprises them: "No!" We love Mac, but we know that IT professionals use many tools to do their work. The Casper Suite is designed to run on multiple server platforms and primary access is through a web-based console. While certain logical functions do require a Mac—such as building software packages for another Mac, remote observe and control, or imaging a new Mac—most functions for Mac support and all functions for iPad and iPhone support can be performed through a web browser. Administrators use centralized credentials to log in to your JAMF Software Server (JSS) via a web browser so they can provide support wherever they are from any device with a web browser. We used to call it "couchware". Now we call it "anyware". Learn more.