Automate Existing Tools. Use what you have.

Automate existing tools. Use programs and software you already own.

The Casper Suite is designed for use in the enterprise, so it can leverage existing directory services and manage your cross-platform, third-party toolsets (such as encryption, anti-virus, and backup) for your Apple devices. You also have the option of connecting your Apple inventory data to your existing Windows management systems, like Microsoft SCCM or the Altiris Client Management Suite, to create a centralized hardware and software inventory. IT can even perform most management tasks from a web-based server, using your existing server hardware on the back end. So you can manage Mac from your Windows laptop using your Windows server.

With the Casper Suite, Mac, iPad, and iPhone get the best-of-breed support they deserve while working within your existing infrastructure, saving both time and money.

The Casper Suite and Windows management: a best-of-breed collaboration.

In most organizations, we recommend selecting the best software to manage Apple hardware while continuing to use your software to manage Windows hardware to provide world-class support for your end users. However, we know that the enterprise may need to aggregate inventory data for software licensing, compliance and organization-wide reporting. With the Casper Suite you are able to unite Mac, iPad, and iPhone with the rest of your devices. By exporting data from your JAMF Software Server (JSS) to your Windows management system using plug-ins for Microsoft SCCM and the Altiris Client Management Suite, centralizing inventory for all devices is easy. Additionally, Mac is often introduced into enterprise environments with solutions for disk encryption, anti-virus, and backup already in place. The Casper Suite can be used to deploy, activate, and monitor any third-party solution you are already using, with many titles specifically supported out of the box and an extensible framework for in-house software or other titles. Blend Mac into your technology environment, using the tools that you already know and trust.

Unite your Macs, iPads, and iPhones with the rest of your devices

Populate your SCCM management framework with hundreds of inventory variables for a single compliance console.

Microsoft SCCM console
Unite your Macs, iPads, and iPhones with the rest of your devices

Allow Altiris to do what it does best, while you manage Mac with the Casper Suite.

Altiris Client Management console

The Casper Suite: taking the guesswork out of enterprise backup solutions.

IT in the enterprise can't afford to leave anything to chance, and in many cases, that means taking on responsibility for the backup of end user data on an ongoing basis. With the emergence of cloud services and evolving approaches to backup, IT has the opportunity to employ solutions that automatically back up end-user directories to local or cloud-based servers without any end-user interaction. With the Casper Suite, you can extend all of these services to your Mac user community with the ability to remotely deploy backup solutions configured for automatic backup and to customize your inventory to verify that backups are occurring on a prescribed interval. Combine inventory information on backup status with the Casper Suite's smart groups and automatically receive notification or activate a remediation policy when a computer reports failing backups. Leave nothing to chance when it comes to your data with the Casper Suite.

Remotely deploy backup solutions configured for automatic backup
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    Users can install their own backup software via Self Service, with friendly, pre-install information that offers them complete transparency.

Self Service: install CrashPlan
Remotely deploy backup solutions configured for automatic backup
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    Maintain the integrity of all your backups with one global view. Alerts can be set up via smart groups and automated remediation can be triggered via policies.

Inventory: CrashPlan status

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The Casper Suite and anti-virus:

making the safest platform on the planet even more secure.

Hackers and developers alike know that one of the easiest ways to infiltrate and damage an organization is by hiding a bug in software installed by an unsuspecting user. At the same time, many organizations want to give their end users choices in the software they can install. With judicious use of Casper Suite policies and Self Service, organizations are able to strike a balance that protects the organization while providing choices to the users. By primarily using the Casper Suite's Self Service for software distribution, IT can ensure that all software installed has been packaged, tested, and approved for use by IT. However, your organization may also choose to use anti-virus software to proactively discover and update vulnerable software versions across your environment. No matter what anti-virus package you use, one of the most challenging aspects of using anti-virus software is keeping the virus definition dates current. After deploying an activated installer of your anti-virus package using the Casper Suite, you can report on licensing and virus definition date information to determine where updates need to be deployed. You can then create a smart group based on clients that need to receive an update and run a script provided in the Casper Suite to initiate the live update service on the fly. The Casper Suite keeps your anti-virus on the clock, around the clock for the best possible secure environment.

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The Casper Suite and FileVault 2:

enabling full disk encryption to keep the bad guys in the dark.

The use of full disk encryption on enterprise computers is a long running standard that has proven to be the best way to protect sensitive data from theft or unauthorized access. Some organizations hesitate to implement these standards because the process seems like it will be too difficult to maintain and prove out. By using the Casper Suite to deploy, activate, and monitor FileVault 2 or your existing encryption software on your client Macs, you can easily secure your Macs to the same standards, using the same toolset, as your Windows computers. The Casper Suite can perform all these tasks automatically via a policy so that all you need to do is send management a beautiful, current, automatically generated report to demonstrate compliance with encryption standards and protect your users data. The Casper Suite can be build packages of any client software, run activation scripts and gather custom inventory data on the activation status of the software using extension attributes. So whatever you are using in your environment, you have the ability to implement on all your Mac devices. Now that's security without jumping through hoops.

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Desktop virtualization + the Casper Suite = Macs that act like PCs.

The fact remains that not all software or services are available natively for the Apple platform. Luckily, Mac can easily become the most stable Windows computers around through desktop virtualization using several third-party products. This capability allows IT administrators to easily help users move from PC to Mac without losing access to key applications that are required for productivity. The Casper Suite can be used to automate distribution, installation, and configuration of desktop virtualization software to new or existing Mac devices across multiple locations in an organization, or as a long-term management tool to assist in ongoing updates and maintenance. The Casper Suite integrates with and extends the functionality of numerous virtualization products from third-party developers. With each product, we have identified the ability of the Casper Suite to integrate and extend the baseline product offering with four additional capabilities: deploy, update, activate, and report. All these features combine to make Mac the best PC on your network.