Automate Apple tools. Make good things better for your school or business.

Automate Apple tools. Make good things better for your school or business.

The Casper Suite is designed to embrace, enhance, and extend the software tools that Apple provides, either built into the operating system or as separate applications. This allows your organization to maximize technologies from Apple at large scale while minimizing costs of purchasing other software. Our commitment to provide updates compatible with the latest Apple operating systems within five business days means that our community can take advantage of these new technologies immediately with each new release. This means that users of the Casper Suite can continue to deploy and manage, simply and easily with each new release of hardware or software from Apple.

FileVault 2 and the Casper Suite: security without jumping through hoops.

With FileVault 2, Apple has created a free, integrated toolset for the Mac that meets common standards for enterprise-level disk encryption. The use of full disk encryption on enterprise computers is a long running standard that has proven to be the best way to protect user data. Some organizations have not implemented encryption due to perceived complexity and cost. With our FileVault 2 integration, those concerns are a thing of the past by simplifying complexity and leveraging built-in tools. You too can embrace and extend FileVault 2's capabilities by using the Casper Suite to deploy, activate, and monitor FileVault 2 on your client computers. Learn more.

Full disk encryption with FileVault 2 and the Casper Suite: security without jumping through hoops

Enable users to self enroll in disk encryption on their own schedule through Self Service.

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    View encryption status for all your users, allowing you to identify which users need to be encrypted.

Report: FileVault 2 status
Full disk encryption with FileVault 2 and the Casper Suite: security without jumping through hoops

Scope App Store apps to your users, offering them a simple, familiar interface. Tie in with VPP code management for simple, speedy and secure App Store interaction.

Self Service: FileVault 2

AppleCare integration: keep warranty and purchasing up-to-date.

Enterprise customers with an Apple Self-Servicing Account can integrate their Global Service Exchange (GSX) Account with the Casper Suite to retrieve warranty and purchasing data directly from Apple’s global inventory database. From there you can put this data to work, creating reports on older hardware, machines that are reaching the end of their lease, or for all devices whose AppleCare is about to expire. Using this data to make smart maintenance and purchasing decisions means your organization can get the most out of its IT dollars. Learn more.

AppleCare integration: keep warranty and purchasing up-to-date with the Casper Suite
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    View and sort you entire fleet of Mac, iPad, and iPhone warranty statuses in a single location.

Report: AppleCare status
AppleCare integration: keep warranty and purchasing up-to-date with the Casper Suite
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    Individual Mac, iPhone, and iPad warranty identification and expiration is automatically populated by Apple's server.

AppleCare: purchasing information

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Prevent malware hacks and attacks using Apple's Gatekeeper and the Casper Suite.

Since the release of OS X, the Mac has enjoyed being the most secure desktop operating system used by millions of people. Infiltration and damage to an organization by hiding a bug in software is no problem for Mac users when they have Gatekeeper protection. With the Casper Suite you can remotely enable Gatekeeper, Apple's native tool for preventing the installation of malware on your Macs. With judicious use of policies and Self Service, organizations are able to strike a balance that protects the organization while providing choices to the users. By primarily using Casper Suite's Self Service for software distribution IT can ensure that all software installed has been packaged, tested, and approved for use by IT. In today's technology landscape, however, there may be good reasons why users need to install software outside of the enterprise framework. If you receive a request of this nature you can easily disable Gatekeeper remotely to allow installation of software, re-enabling the service when ready.

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Configurator and the Casper Suite:

complementary tools create the best workflow for your projects.

As more and more enterprise content and services move to the cloud, it has become critical for IT to develop strategies to help their users easily navigate the World Wide Web. No longer does IT make a smorgasbord of software available and call it a day. With the Casper Suite Self Service for Mac, you have one location to aggregate links to all cloud based services as well as the requisite software. With the Casper Suite for iPad and iPhone, we use a different approach for a similar outcome, leveraging either web clips to key services or distributing the apps that typically accompany cloud-based services. Either way, you are able to seamlessly integrate the distribution of cloud-based services into the world-class consumer IT experience that the Casper Suite offers.

App Store apps available through one familiar interface.

When users choose to use an iPhone or iPad in the enterprise, IT needs to help users get the right apps, provide access to corporate service, and ensure organization security—all without limiting the functionality of the device. The first step is to help users see the value of mobile device management so they are comfortable and eager to keep the device under management. With the Casper Suite, the Self Service portal is a great incentive for users to participate in the management process because it provides one easy source for all the in-house and App Store apps the organization has created, chosen, and purchased for its users. Stepping into Self Service, users see the apps they want and need, without having to sift through hundreds of thousands of apps at the App Store, or requesting in-house content from support. With the Casper Suite's Self Service, management from IT becomes a valuable service, making iPhone and iPad even happier in the enterprise. Learn more.

App Store Apps available through one familiar interface
Self Service: App Store apps

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Distribute applications from the Mac App Store from one convenient location.

With the expansion of the global market place, consumers can find exactly what they want among all the choices available worldwide. This is true of software as well as anything else we consume: we can purchase directly from the manufacturer, through a distributor, through the Apple App Store, or we can make our own applications. While choices can be positive for the consumer, they can be challenging for enterprise IT. We need to make sure that everyone is using the same version so we can work together and eliminate security holes. We need to make sure that the organization has properly licensed the software being used to avoid costly fines. Fragmented purchasing can also lead to over-buying and confusion on the part of users who could be overwhelmed by choices. With the Casper Suite for Mac you are able to aggregate software available from countless sources in one central portal for end users, eliminating confusion while presenting choices to them. The global marketplace has come home. Learn more.

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Apple's Volume Purchase Program:

manage all your VPP codes with the Casper Suite.

The Apple App Store for Mac, iPad, and iPhone have brought thousands of apps and applications straight to the consumer, with easy purchase and download of software from a trusted source. Many software titles for the Apple platform are only available through the App Store, which can present some challenges to the enterprise: How do we purchase software in volume for our organization? Don't we deserve a discount if we're buying in volume? Fortunately, Apple has answered these questions (in limited regions) with the Volume Purchase Program (VPP). This program allows organizations to purchase software centrally, in volume from Apple, with discounts for quantity. Once this purchase is complete, the organization receives a series of VPP codes from Apple that are redeemed at the point of download from the App Store, much like a gift code. This is where the Casper Suite steps in: simply upload these codes into the JAMF Software Server (JSS) and attach them to the intended software titles. The JSS will then automatically populate these 16-digit codes into the App Store at the time codes are redeemed so the end user doesn't need to enter them. Additionally, the JSS will track which codes have been redeemed and which remain unused, so that your purchases through this program are all accounted for. With Apple's Volume Purchase Program and the Casper Suite, all the apps and applications in the App Store are more accessible to the enterprise than ever.

The Casper Suite and Apple's Software Update Server: streamlining updates for Mac.

Deploying software is made simple—whether you are using Apple's public servers, hosting your own on an OS X Server, or running the service on Linux or Windows utilizing the NetBoot/SUS Appliance, a free offering from JAMF Software. The Casper Suite can automate updates from any Software Update Server (SUS) so that your client Mac devices pull all updates from a local or cloud services and update in the background. Users can choose when they want to run the IT tested and approved updates, giving them choices that IT curates for them. Learn more.

The Casper Suite and Apple's Software Update Server: streamlining updates for your Macs
Distribute Software Update Servers
The Casper Suite and Apple's Software Update Server: streamlining updates for your Macs
Deploy Apple software updates
The Casper Suite and Apple's Software Update Server: streamlining updates for your Macs
Self Service: software updates

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NetBoot and the Casper Suite:

reimage Macs in your sleep.

Apple's OS X computers have the ability to boot to a remote NetBoot server by holding the "N" key as the Mac boots, or by setting the NetBoot server as the Startup Disk in the preferences. The Mac is then directed to the local NetBoot server, hosted on an OS X Server. This service can be very useful in cases where you want to remotely reimage a computer. The Casper Suite has options to set a reboot to a NetBoot server that contains the Casper Imaging application to automatically trigger a fresh, bare-metal imaging of that computer. Organizations that support Mac in kiosks or labs have found that a regular, automated reimaging of those machines keeps them updated, fast and bug-free. With the Casper Suite and NetBoot you can set a reimage policy to happen in your labs every week in the middle of the night when no one is around—keeping your Macs in a known good state on an ongoing basis. Additionally, JAMF Software has created a free appliance that allows you to install Apple's NetBoot service on non-OS X servers. If you are running the service on Linux or Windows, our Netboot/SUS Appliance allows you to host a NetBoot server using any system that supports virtualization. The appliance also installs a web application that can be used to easily manage your NetBoot server.

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Open Directory

Directory service confusion is a thing of the past when you put the Casper Suite on the case. Whether you are using Apple's Open Directory or another directory service or a combination of any of these services, the Casper Suite can simplify and extend your directory services. The Casper Suite is able to connect to multiple directory services and use the accounts to add user information to inventory records and to authenticate to the JAMF Software Server (JSS) or the Casper Suite's Self Service. You can also scope policies distributing software, content, profiles, or tasks to directory user groups. When integrating with Open Directory simply use the set up assistant in the JSS to configure connections automatically. Directory services don't have to be rocket science—use what you have and let the Casper Suite help it take off.

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Boot Camp for Macs:

a walk in the park with the Casper Suite.

Have a Windows application you need to use once in a while? No problem. Every new Mac lets you install and run Windows at native speeds, using a built-in utility called Boot Camp. Setup is simple and safe for your Mac files. After you've completed the installation, you can boot up your Mac using either OS X or Windows. With the Casper Suite you are able to automatically partition drives during the imaging process and include Boot Camp images if desired, giving you the multi-platform experience on a fast, stable Mac. Simply set up a configuration in Casper Admin that starts by partitioning the drive, create a Boot Camp image (the Casper Suite supports WinClone images), and then select the Windows image to deploy. When you image a Mac using this configuration, the Casper Suite will automatically run this workflow, imaging multiple partitions in one task set. With Boot Camp and the Casper Suite, creating a multi-platform Mac can become a regular routine.