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Casper Focus - teacher-managed learning

A better classroom for students, teachers, and IT administrators.

When iPad arrived in the classroom it brought a fun and engaging interactive learning experience to teachers and students. As the use of iPad continues to grow in education, teachers want basic classroom management capabilities for getting students' attention easily, providing a secure testing environment, and quickly transitioning students to specific apps or websites.

Casper Focus empowers teachers by streamlining transitions and saving valuable class time. With just a couple taps of their own iPad or iPhone, teachers can send students customized messages, or guide access to a single app or Safari webpage. And since they are able to perform these tasks themselves without the assistance of IT, they can focus on transforming teaching and learning. 

Created for teachers.

Casper Focus lets teachers perform classroom management tasks from their own iPad and all by themselves—without assistance from the IT department.

Teachers can guide classes through apps and webpages, or temporarily restrict students to a single app or webpage on their iPad in order to help keep them on task. If the classroom is equipped with an Apple TV, teachers have a simple option to either display their own device or prompt a student to display their device. And, if a student forgets or changes their passcode, the teacher can easily reset the passcode without calling the IT department. Additionally, teachers can exclude students from a class, making it easy to handle exceptions for students who are home sick or otherwise removed from class who do not require app or webpage focus.

Casper Focus – Focus devices

Ensure students are engaged with appropriate curriculum

Focus on app or Safari webpage
Casper Focus – Manage Apple TVs

Shorten transitions when using Apple TV

Manage Apple TVs
Casper Focus – eBook search

Deliver eBooks and other content to student devices

eBook distribution
Casper Focus – Clear passcodes

Easily change passcode on student devices

Clear passcodes

The secure testing solution for iPad.

Casper Focus lets teachers conduct summative and formative exams securely. With just a couple of taps, teachers can focus individuals, subsets of students, or all students at once on a specific app or webpage.

While testing is in progress, students remain focused on the task at hand and are not able to access other resources on their device. After the assessment concludes, teachers are easily able to remove app focus and restore full iPad functionality to students.

Centrally managed and scalable.

Caper Focus allows teachers to handle routine device management tasks that would normally be time-consuming for IT departments — resetting passcodes, distributing eBooks, and preparing devices for exams.

Because Casper Focus is a component of the Casper Suite—a comprehensive management solution dedicated exclusively to the Apple platform—IT can set up policies and then hand over daily management to teachers. The result is a decrease in Help Desk tickets for IT, and most importantly, less time required to set up important tests and exams.

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